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Upgrade ipython to 4.1.2 in Cauldron : I think that we need only Python3 version.

Python modules needed for ipython :

module in cauldron Done
decorator python-decorator 4.0.9 ok
ipython-4.1.2 ipython 4.1.2 ok
ipython-genutils python-ipython_genutils 0.1.0 ok
pexpect python-pexpect 4.0.1 ok
pickleshare python-pickleshare 0.7.2 ok
ptyprocess>=0.5 python-ptyprocess 0.5.1 ok
setuptools>=18.5 python-setuptools 19.6.2 ok
simplegeneric>0.8 python-simplegeneric 0.8.1 ok
traitlets python-traitlets 4.2.1 ok

Python modules needed for jupyter :

module in cauldron Done
MarkupSafe python-markupsafe 0.23 ok
backports-abc>=0.4 python-backports-abc 0.4 should not be needed for Python >= 3.3
entrypoints python-entrypoints 0.2 ok
ipykernel python-ipykernel 4.3.1 ok
ipywidgets python-ipywidgets 4.1.1 ok
jinja2 python-jinja2 2.8 ok
jsonschema!=2.5.0,>=2.0 python-jsonschema 2.5.1 ok
jupyter jupyter 1.0.0 ok
jupyter-client jupyter-client 4.2.2 ok
jupyter-console jupyter-console 4.1.1 ok
jupyter-core jupyter-core 4.1.0 ok
mistune!=0.6 python-mistune 0.7.2 ok
nbconvert jupyter-nbconvert 4.2.0 ok
nbformat jupyter-nbformat 4.0.1 ok
notebook jupyter-notebook 4.2.0 ok
pygments python-pygments 2.1.3 ok
pyzmq>=13 python-pyzmq 15.2.0 ok
qtconsole jupyter-qtconsole 4.2.1 ok
terminado>=0.3.3 python-terminado 0.6 ok
tornado>=4.0 python-tornado 4.3 ok

After that we certainly need to add more modules and kernels from the ecosystem for example ipyparallel see and