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Instructions for doc team

> 1. copy to: > ~/bin/ > 2. make it executable > chmod 740 ~/bin/ > 3. run > ~/bin/ > 4. add the following to ~/.mageia-i18n-config > > language_code=xy (where xy is replaced by your language code) > svn_directory= "~/Mageia/i18n/svn" > git_directory="~/Mageia/i18n/git" > working_translations_directory= "~/Mageia/i18n/translations" > > # remove the "#" in the next line if you do *not* need svn commit access: > # svn_method="svn://" > > # remove the "#" in next line if you *do* need svn commit access > # svn_method="svn+ssh://" > > and adjust the other options in that file as needed > > 5. again run > ~/bin/ > and have patience

I would also recommend to docteam members some other options as they are focused on doc resources and not po, desktop and web files. I just pushed small change for you but since git doesn't go well with tabs which I use instead of spaces it seems big. You can exclude all work on web pages translation with option work_on_web_pages_translation. In that case you don't need to configure svn at all. You can do that by:

  1. uncommenting next line to exclude all work on web pages translation


Similarly uncomment those to. copying_desktop_files=no work_on_desktop_files=no work_on_unofficial=no work_on_html_software_files=no


Some more work and tests about the Protocol-relative URL is needed.

en/1/next/index.php line 64: <script src="";></script> line 101: <iframe src=";connections=15&stream=false&header=false&height=350";

en/3/download_index.php line 20: <base href="http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/'.$locale; ?>/downloads/get/">

en/4/download_index.php line 61: <base href="http://<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/'.$locale; ?>/downloads/get/">

en/calendar/index.php line 47: $ical_tmpl = '';

en/downloads/get/index.php line 262: <g:plusone href="";></g:plusone>

line 265:

<script src="";></script><fb:facepile href="" width="270" max_rows="1"></fb:facepile>

en/index.php line 29: echo sprintf('<link rel="alternate" hreflang="%s" href="";>', $l, $l); line 31: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="<?php _e('Mageia Blog (English)'); ?>" href="<?php _e(''); ?>">

g/fa/docs/assets/css/site.css several cases: a[href^='http://']

index.php line 16: header(sprintf('Location: http://%s%s', $www_domain, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']));

langs/missing.php line 19: $iframe = ''; line 24: $iframe = ''.$s;

lib/news.php line 178: return sprintf('', $locale);


http loaded from https

See The Protocol-relative URL

See also this reference