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I think that some items are not useful in the release notes, because the user which uses the "product" Mageia will not have access the such feature. It concerns:

    Stage 1
       Stage1 has been converted from a custom initrd image to a dracut generated one
       Stage1 is now dynamically linked
       when building, a BOOT_AUTOMATIC_METHOD env variable enables to alter default boot options for easier debugging 
   Stage 2
       stage2 can be build with debug option in order to run installer from gdb, ...
       drakx-in-chroot adds a new --depth option in order to force eg: 16bit colors mode

I suggest to drop these items or to regroup them in a specific entry. Papoteur

For mga3 notes on similar info I suggested to use "hide tag", but such feature was never imported in the wiki --leuhmanu 20:13, 21 January 2014 (UTC)