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Please only add your details below if you intend to test development snapshots, stabilisation shaphots, RC pre-release ISOs as part of the QA team or as active BugSquad member. You need to also subscribe to the qa-discuss mailing list if you haven't done so already. It's a good idea to post a message to qa-discuss when you add your name to this list, so the change is noticed.

Read this before you add yourself to the list

This page is here to help us to keep in touch with you. Sorry for the list of rules but we do have to restrict access to the server.

This is a necessary step as pre-release ISOs are not held on a public server, so somebody will need this information to contact you directly with further instructions and download details. Notification of pre-release ISO availability and discussion takes place on qa-discuss.

The server is a development server with limited bandwidth, so please do not share the details you will be given with anybody else. Please ensure that you do not inadvertently use them in any public emails, such as those to the mailing list or on any open IRC channel or forum.

It is also a good idea, but not mandatory, to leave information about the hardware you use in the QA hardware list. Please keep this information up-to-date if you choose to do so.

The list

IRC/Forums nick - Name - email address

Please do not wipe the ones in the first three lists, unless they resigned:

QA-team, Bugsquad and Packaging-team leaders/council representatives:

  • MrsB - Claire Robinson - eeeemail at gmail dot com
  • davidwhodgins - Dave Hodgins - davidwhodgins at gmail dot com
  • lewyssmith - Lewis - lewyssmith at laposte dot net
  • wilcal - Bill Kenney - wilcal dot int at gmail dot com
  • stormi - Samuel Verschelde - stormi at laposte dot net
  • marja - Marja van Waes - marja11 at xs4all dot nl
  • akien - Rémi Verschelde -
  • MageiaTJ - Thomas J Andrews - andrewsfarm at gmail dot com

Desktop environment maintainers:

  • KDE - neoclust - Nicolas Lécureuil - neoclust at mageia dot org
  • KDE - daviddavid - David Geiger - geiger.david68210 at gmail dot com
  • Gnome - ovitters - Olav Vitters - olav at vitters dot nl
  • XFCE - wally_ - Jani Välimaa - wally at mageia dot org
  • Cinnamon - jquant - Joseph Wang - joequant at gmail dot com
  • LXDE - ns80 - Nicolas Salguero - nicolas dot salguero at laposte dot net

Important iso bug squashers:

  • coling - Colin Guthrie - mageia at colin dot guthr dot ie
  • tv - Thierry Vignaud - thierry dot vignaud at gmail dot com
  • martinw - Martin Whitaker - mageia at martin-whitaker dot me dot uk
  • barjac - Barry Jackson zen25000 (at) zen (dot) co (dot) uk

All other active iso-testers:

Adding a separate list for BugSquad iso-testers, because BugSquad needs its members so very badly that avoiding the slightest impression that they're a member of QA team seems needed.
--marja 06:30, 9 February 2016 (UTC)

For BugSquad:

  • Chromo - Nic Baxter - nic at nicbaxter dot com dot au
  • auroud_85 - Aurélien Oudelet - ouaurelien at gmail dot com

For Qa team:

Additional testers, please add your id to the end of this list in the format IRC nick, Name, email address. For example

  • davidwhodgins - Dave Hodgins -davidwhodgins at gmail dot com
  • benmc - Ben McMonagle - westel at xtra dot co dot nz
  • bri_an - Brian Rockwell - brtians1 at gmail dot com
  • eslrahc - Charles A Edwards - cae at eslrahc dot com - Mail delivery failed NXDOMAIN
  • linuxero - Muhammad Tailounie - mageia at mtailounie dot net
  • stroibe974 - Sébastien Morin - sebsweb at gmail dot com
  • daviddavid - David Geiger - geiger.david68210 at gmail dot com
  • krisNL - Chris - shybluenight at gmail dot com
  • hviaene - Herman Viaene - herman dot viaene at edpnet dot be
  • lebarhon - André Desmottes - lebarhon at free dot fr
  • tarazed - Len Lawrence - tarazed25 at gmail dot com
  • rindolf - Shlomi Fish - shlomif at shlomifish dot org
  • justchris57 - Chris Ammerlaan - justchris57 at gmail dot com
  • schultz - Donald Stewart - watersnowrock at gmail dot com
  • dtux - Daniel Tartavel - contact at librepc dot com
  • magnux77 - jp squel - magnux77 at laposte dot net
  • neoser10 - Mauricio Andres Bustamante Viveros - neoser10 at hotmail dot com
  • mab33 - Maurice Batey - maurice at bcs dot org dot uk
  • wikigazer - Paul Blackburn - paul dot blackburn at gmail dot com
  • leuhmanu - Manuel Hiebel - leuhmanu at mageia dot org
  • bittwister - Bit Twister - bittwister2 at gmail dot com
  • Bequimao - Ulrich Beckmann - bequimao point de at googlemail dot com
  • wintpe - Peter Winterflood - peter dot winterflood at ossi dot co dot uk
  • ZekeMX - Ezequiel Partida - ezequiel dot partida at gmail dot com
  • jagodyn - Jacob Godyn - jagodyn at laposte dot net
  • Aussie_matt - Xboxboy - xboxboy dot mageia at gmail dot com
  • tonyb - Tony Blackwell - tablackwell at bigpond dot com
  • ghibo - Giuseppe Ghibò - ghibo at mageia dot org
  • joselp - Jose Manuel López - joselp at disroot dot org
  • pclx - PC LX - mageia at pmc dot com dot pt
  • Morgano - Morgan Leijström - fri at tribun dot eu
  • kensor - Kenneth Marcy - kmmos1 at frontier dot com
  • jybz - Jean-Baptiste - j.biernacki+mga at free dot fr