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"What has no name, does not exist."

Image files (ISO, boxes, etc.)

Mageia 1

Naming here has been a bit inconsistent:

  • mageia-dvd-1-i586.iso
  • mageia-dual-1.iso
  • mageia-livecd-1-GNOME-africa-india-cdrom-i586.iso
  • boot.iso (in a separate directory)

The scheme is either:

  • mageia-{medium}-{version}-{arch}.iso
  • mageia-{arch}-{version}.iso
  • mageia-{variant}-{version}-{variant2}-{medium}-{arch}.iso

Mageia 2 and later

  • use this naming scheme for _all_ released images (ISO, boxes, etc.): Mageia-{version}-{release}-{variant}-{arch}-{medium}.{ext}
  • Capitalize when appropriate to ease readability (mageia/Mageia, dvd/DVD, cdrom/CD, livecd/LiveCD, etc.)
  • Mageia is the name
  • {version} is mandatory; is an integer
  • {release} is optional; can be: nightly(N), alpha(N), beta(N), RC(N); if ommitted, means the release is final for this version.
  • {variant} is optional; it can be LiveCD-[GNOME|KDE]-[...], Vagrant, VirtualBox, VMware, etc. Default means the image is an installation image.
  • {arch} is mandatory, it can be i586, x86_64, dual. Other architectures may come in.
  • {medium} is optional; can be CD, DVD, other. Default means the image is not supposed to be burned to a disc.
  • {build} is optional; should be "build_anything"; this can be used to indicate a regular, unchecked build + optional automatic QA stamp (like "build_a12_qa_pass" or "build_a11_qa_fail").

That means:

  • Mageia-2-i586-DVD.iso
  • Mageia-2-alpha1-dual-CD.iso
  • Mageia-2-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-x86_64-CD.torrent
  • Mageia-2-boot-i586-CD.iso

Regular expression to validate against and extract from is:


This is to be checked after images creation; see isocheck, bcd (other tools?).


  • should we specify a term to distinguish installation/verbose images from pre-installed ones (virtual images) or from LiveCDs?
  •  ?

How others do it



  • example: debian-6.0.1-i386-CD-42.iso
  • {wm}: only if  != gnome (debian-6.0.1-i386-kde-CD-1.iso)
  • live: debian-live-6.0.1-i386-standard.iso







Recommandations, for reference for future product naming

These recommandations come from various experience and learning. Some may sound really obvious.

  • Keep it dead simple, short/quick to act upon, to the point
    • Do not have double-barrelled names (noms à rallonge): confuse people and won't be properly used anyway. So no "Mageia AAA BBB X.Y"
    • Aim for a single product name, that tags/identifies the product
    • Ideal format would be "Mageia {name} {version}" or "{name} {version}"where we actually expect {name} to be used all the time.
  • Keep it identifiable, meaningful
    • Name alike products that are alike
    • Name differently products that are different
  • Keep it simple
    • having multiple options scattered all around will just confuse and void confidence