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  • Lebarhon
  • Magnux77
  • Dtux
  • BAud


  • IT professionals only - Salon réservé aux professionnels mais ouvert au grand public tout de même
  • Previously Solutions Linux / Open Source merged with Open World Forum - Ancien salon Solutions Linux / Open Source fusionné avec Open World Forum.

Who's coming - Qui vient ?

Let us know if you can come and see us, just edit below, we'll be happy to see you, no obligation anyway. Serez vous là ? Nous serions heureux de vous rencontrer, faites le nous savoir en vous inscrivant ci-dessous, aucune obligation cependant.


Opening Schedule - Jours et horaires d'ouverture

  • Mercredi/Wednesday 6 and jeudi/Thursday 7 décembre/December : 09H00 à 19H00

Localization - Lieu

  • Dock Pullmann Plaine Saint-Denis (France) - Metro : Porte de la Chapelle

Access - Accès


Nom - Nickname - Mail
am pm am pm
Lebarhon x x x Jusqu'à 17h00
magnux77 x x x x
dtux x x x x
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
- - - - -
- - - - -

Equipment - Matériel

  • Badges to request (for free) - Faire les demandes de badge (gratuit)
  • Nappe, kakemono
  • goodies : CD/DVD/USB key, T-shirts, stickers (meta-key + powered by Mageia + GNU/Linux Mageia), pen in wood with mageia name & logo



We were 4 at the stand, between our friends Debian GNU/Linux and Oisux (a French LUG, having the magia logo on their kakemono), in front of an alley which enhanced our visibility.

We've had many interesting discussions with users, with people from IBM or DGA (French Army), some knowing us from Mandrake or Mandriva years, some using our distribution day to day.

A demo of Mageia working on ARM Raspberry Pi thanks to DTux<.

As usual, the wifi was a pity : do not count on having network, just bring your own mirror on hard disk for such events :-)

We renewed our subscription to thanks to ennael< :-) (and found some bitcoins remaining that should let our association being self-sustainable for the coming years.

Our VIP badges enabled us to benefit from morning coffea, fruit-juice and some appetitizers to sustain ourselves.

Log - Suivi