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Netflix Player for Mageia

I have got Netflix to play in Mageia! The problem with using Netflix on Linux has always been that it requires DRM. DRM is handled by Microsoft Silverlight. Linux has Moonlight which is as good in every way except in that it cannot handle DRM. You could try setting up WINE manually, but streaming silverlight video in WINE will drive one to smash their laptop over their head. WINE is still being used but the setup and installation of various dependencies and addons is now automated. I ran into a couple of issues but figured them out and now it runs smooth.


At anyrate let me begin the instructions:

  1. Download Netflixplayer.tar.gz
  2. Extract the large install script. (It is ~95MB)
  3. Make sure Zenity and wine are installed. Packages are available from Mageia Media.
  4. Run the install script as root. (This will take a couple mins)
  5. Run the launch script as a normal user. In KDE it puts it in the menu under Sounds and Video. This will also take a couple mins. Netflix Player should then come up resembling the following:


Problems & Solutions

  1. Error #1001
    1. Upon loading a video, a black screen or error #1001 is presented. After some digging I found that apparently the WINE pkg I installed from Mageia uses the European version of the Windows environment. Please note that you DO NOT have to be using a European locale to encounter this issue.
    2. SOLUTION: Install the European Union Expansion Font Update from Microsoft in WINE.
    3. NOTE: This patch must be run for the .Netflix prefix NOT the default .wine prefix. This can be acomplished by running "env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.Netflix wine EUupdate.EXE" at the CLI.

Additional Comments

Wine "should" now be able to play any Instant Streaming Video that is DRM protected...

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