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In some cases it might be neccessary for you to merge an existing po file with a newer pot file.

What tools do we have

  • msgfmt - A tool to check the syntax of po and pot files. The syntax is
 msgfmt -c file.po
  • msgmerge - A tool to merge existing po files with newer pot files. The syntax is
 msgmerge old.po new.pot > new.po

You can find more informations about both in the respective man pages.

Let's say you are the Quenya i18n commiter, then you do have the file urpmi.pot_qya.po. Now you use

 msgmerge urpmi.pot_qya.po urpmi.pot > qya.po

You can now finish the translations using a desktop translation tool like poedit or lokalize and then commit it to git.