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This page is about the Mageia servers managed by the Sysadmin Team.

The whole infrastructure is managed using Puppet and git. The repository is public, and can be found at:

To get a checkout of our puppet configuration, you use :
git clone git://

List of servers

You can get a list of all servers, where they are located and what they are doing, in this directory.

Servers monitoring

xymon is used to monitor the server and services. The web interface is available on this page.

System Usernames

This is a list of important username used on the servers (file list is available reading the puppet configuration) :

  • iurt : used on build nodes to build packages
  • mirrorbot : data pushed on the mirror tree automatically by a bot
  • mirrorstatic : data pushed on the mirror tree manually and not changing
  • schedbot : used on valstar to manage scheduling of package builds
  • signbot : used by the script to sign packages