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This is the unofficial artwork drop for the upcoming release of Mageia 7. Any artwork that you feel is of a standard that the distribution could use is welcomed here. As per previous years, this is open to all of the community even non members of Mageia, so if you want to submit something, please do - just make sure it fits the licensing and size requirements.

The artwork that you supply must comply with a CC-BY-SA license, a full definition is available here.

By submitting artwork to this wiki page, you confirm that your work and everything that it is based on conforms to the requirements of the above license.

Finally, images submitted with the intention of being the next desktop background, must be at least 1920x1440 in size, screen-savers must be 1280x400 or larger.

These conditions are a summary of the official requirements available here.

Please, use the official Mageia 7 artwork drop flickr page to participate in the contest!

Submissions for Mageia 7

Please, submit your artwork below.

cmoifp's images

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v01.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v02.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v07.png
Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v03.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v05.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v04.png
Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v08.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v09.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v10.png
Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v11.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v12.png Fond D'Écran Mageia 7v13.png