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The first Mageia days will take place on 9th of july 2013 in Bruxelles, 10h to 18h.

Why and What

First of all to meet people either already in the Mageia community or willing to join or just curious :)

Here are the proposed topics depending on the people around for this day

  • more information about Mageia for new users, contributers: teams, process, how to contribute...
  • introduction or advanced courses for packaging
  • Mageia 4 features discussion
  • QA, i18n, documentation, marketing discussions...


In Bruxelles during RMLL ( In building H room 2214

Join us !


Add your name to this list :

  • Colin Guthrie (coling)
  • Nicolas Vigier (boklm)
  • Anne Nicolas (ennael)
  • Marja van Waes (marja)
  • Daniel Tartavel (dtux)
  • Pascal Terjan (pterjan)
  • Claire Revillet (grenoya)
  • Benoît Tuduri (pitahaya)

Mageia Day report

Who was there

  • daniel tartavel, packager apprentice since 1 year (dtux)
  • marja - docteam, packager apprentice
  • colin - core packages
  • Claire (grenoya), packager, atelier, docteam
  • Pascal Terjan (pterjan), packager, sysadmin
  • nicolas vigier (boklm), sysadmin, packager
  • Pierre Jarillon, user
  • Benoit Tudury, user, bug tracking, packaging (mdv)

As announced in the wiki page, no specific topic was planned fo this day.

In the morning

The morning was dedicated to a discussion about the release planning. Some specific points were discussed:

  • At one point everybody agreed on the need of explaining how complex it is to release isos and the exact way it works. I will work on a blog post for it. Proofread needed then of course :).
  • Number of RC: keep only one as it should be the only one. We will add one more if needed.
  • Add some more dates in this planning:
    • distro rebuild after alpha3 is out
    • start weekly reminder about missing deps before beta 2 is out
    • non maintaned packages: we will wait for the shared maintainance before deciding anything as we think it may help in some cases
    • plan an adoption campaign for unmaintained campaign after alpha 2 is out
  • Why going on with alpha isos?

Everybody agreed on the fact that it's essential for regular testing while lots of major updates are in progress. It's also a very good opportunity for intensive tests on installer. This should go togethe with nightly builds. These last one should not be tested by human but used for autmatic tests to detect as many bugs as possible before releases. Not a technical reason but also development releases help also to communicate about Mageia and the community.

  • Still we have a problem we can find in many othe distros also. Packagers are not that interested in fixing bugs. How can we improve that?

Colin proposed to make bug fixing rather look as a game. Then we need to find some ways to endorse people for thei contibutions (svn commits, closed bugs) - see for example oloh We should also provide some automatic Bugzilla reports for globa figures but also per contributer.

  • We need more people to test isos during the releases.

Common answer is to ask packagers to help on it especially for the last isos as they do not have that much to do as all is fozen. It could also be added in mentoring process, il would help new packager to understand all the steps of the release.

  • Switch all to git

We will start with soft/. It will help new comers for dev team but also translation (a script to send a mail automatically when new strings are added)

In the afternoon

During the afternoon, we were nearly 10 more people in the room, rather end users profiles. So we dedicated this afternoon to proper topics :

  • A specific demand rose to get a gui tool to help configure sudo - Colin told us it should not be that hard :)
  • It seems Mageia documentation is not visible enough. We need to improve this especially fo new users and make it accessible.
  • It seems advertising in magazines still works good as we had some users in the room who discover Mageia thanks to it.
  • Forum access is not easy and clear enough, especially to help people for bugs reports.
  • End users access to Mageia community

We had a very interesting testimonial fom a guy woking in european parliament. He joined us for his personal interest, previously Mandriva user and now Mageia. First he tried to add his name on the wiki for Mageia Days. Without any success. He could not find how to login and the way to create an account. And it's exactly the same when he wants to report a bug or ask for information. He even tried the contact mail. He thinks we also miss some way to give feedbacks on the distibution or other topics. All in all we need to impove access for very end users and advertise more documentation, various way of communication, maybe adapt some, highlight identity and explain more about it.

  • Mageia greeter: add a link or some text to make people contibute, including a financial contribution
  • Start using the data we get through install / upgrade to know better our users.
  • Mageia LTS

An interesting proposal: propose to volunteers to work on updates on non suppoted releases of Mageia using Mageia infrastructure. It could be a first step for LTS and check there is a real interest on packagers side. It will not cover all the distro but only the one proposed by volunteers.

Then we had also some questions to know about Mageia 4 features and the process, Mageia.Org organization, Optimus support, companies around community.