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Date  : 2019-02-02 - 2019-02-03
Place  : Brussels, Université Libre
Person in charge :

We have no official stand this year, so skipping all the usual organizational boilerplate. Maybe we can give some goodies to our friends at Fedora? :-)

Keeping this page as a means to list people who will be there nevertheless and maybe have a meeting/dinner.

Who will be there


  • AL13N ?
  • <your nick or name>


  • sebsebseb
  • Robert Marshall (I'm intending to be at Delirium on Friday)


  • Akien .


  • tmb ?


  • BAud
  • Ennael
  • Stormi
  • Remi
  • Bcornec
  • DTux



  • Pasmatt ?


  • Marja ? nope :/
  • Olav


  • Oden ?

Some presentations about Mageia and/or by Mageia friends

Mageia is at Fosdem, not just people but some presentations also (with real examples of Mageia 7 / cauldron coming being shown :p)

Fred Crozat made a good show for openSuse too

Non-GA meeting at Fosdem

List of people who'd like to attend

Tell us if you're coming, no need to spend time on a stand: we don't have one, maybe we'll have a meeting for one hour and a good time saturday's evening at a restaurant to be defined (perhaps Léon's, to be confirmed)

  • baud
  • stormi (available for a meeting if there's one)
  • DTux

did not take place by lack of participants and previous coordination. Will happen when proposed, maybe by IRC.

Friday Night beer

just come one day before the event, don't drink more than 4 beers to be effective on saturday by 10 A.M. on-site :-)

People who will join

Beer: Where & When


(Or meet in a central place and walk to a pub from there?)


Dinner Saturday night

One or two volunteers to organize it:

  • <your nick or name>
  • no volunteer this year

Dinner: Where & When


  • Leon de Bruxelles as usual?
  • La Terrasse Metro Merode - very good frites + drinks + traditional cuisine (carbonade...)


  • saturday 20h?

People who will join the Saturday night dinner

  • BAud & Nim
  • sebsebseb probably
  • Bcornec
  • stormi possibly
  • DTux

People who would like to go for dinner on Sunday evening

  • <your nick or name>

People who would like to meet up again on the Monday before going home

  • <your nick or name>
  • etc.

Transportation & accommodation






  • Some of us will stay at Hotel Villa Royale.
    During all previous Fosdems since Mageia was born, some of our contributors stayed there. We can give good marks. It now (beginning of January 2017) costs € 60 for a single person per night, taxes and breakfast included.
  • An alternative could be Hotel Bristol Stephanie.
    It's somewhat near Fosdem (3km) and near Gran Place (2km), very luxurious. Single room € /night; double room €; club room (4persons) € . Not included: breakfast buffet €/person; city tax €/room.
  • Hotel Sabina. Call them directly to have breakfast included in the price (~46 € for 1 night for 1 person-room, including tax & breakfast). Near Metro Madou which is one change from Fosdem and near Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi) train station.

Take care with the announced prices: usually breakfast is from 12 to 16 €, and tax is 4 € per night. Call them directly rather than booking via platforms :-). Confirm by mail to know what you're paying for.

NH Brussels Louise at least one Mageian will be staying there this year!

Resume of the Fosdem 2019

  • we could have given some stickers to our Fedora/Centos friends (not the kakemono!), even our openSuse friends could have given some help (they had good beers)
  • game engine godot had a stand in K2, made good conference (prouding blender, gimp...)
  • ask for a stand in september, have some conf' to propose at the same time may help
  • another great time meeting people we only see on IRC or forums or at events from time to time :-)
  • as usual, the dinner was (not-)organized ; anyone knowing well Bruxelles can involve next year in 2020 to benefit from the best cooking in Bruxelles :D
  • good conferences everywhere, too hard to enter some rooms
  • <your own impressions, just add them below>