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This page is a proposal for forum rules. It will be discussed in forums IRC meeting.

User rules

  • use meaningful thread titles
  • official language is English, for other languages -> forward to local forums
  • try to write as clearly and easily understandable as possible
  • provide enough relevant details and context information about problems
  • report problems or bad posts
  • use code-tags for terminal output, log excerpts and things like that.
  • Do NOT use fullquotes. This means you should not quote a whole post if you only wanted to reply instead. Only quote what is really need, this keeps up clarity and the reading flow.
  • mark thread titles as [SOLVED] by editing the subject of the first post to help with forum clarity and ease the search for solutions for other forum users
  • don't talk about more than one topic in one thread. If the topic is IPv6, don't start talking about your touchpad in it.


What is the role of moderators

The role of moderators is to make sure that there is a good atmosphere in the forums, that the forums are well organized (moving or merging posts, setting posts as announcements when necessary), and not polluted with spam or offtopic content.

Moderators permissions

Moderators can :

  • lock, merge, split, move posts
  • delete posts
  • edit posts
  • ban or unban users
  • set topics as announcements

Moderation rules

Moderators should remove a post (or edit to remove problematic parts) if :

  • the post is spam or advertising
  • the post contains insults or offensive content
  • the post includes illegal content according to French law (as the server is hosted in France)

Moderators should lock a post if :

  •  ?

Moderators should lock a thread if :

  • it is complete: all that needed to be said was said
  • posts to it had to be made before a certain date and that date has passed

Moderators should ban a user if :

  • he is a spammer, or if too much offensive/foul language is used, after some warnings

Moderators should move a post if :

  • it was not posted in the correct section

Moderators should stimulate forum users

  • to check for already existing forum threads before opening a new one about a certain topic
  • to replace vague topic titles by to-the-point titles
  • to write clearly
  • to stick to the topic

Who can be a moderator

Moderators should be active forum participants, for some months. They should be recognized forum contributors.

Forum Team Leader

There can be more than one forum team leader.

The forum team leader is responsible for :

  • organizing IRC meetings for the forum team (if necessary)
  • maintaining the forum wiki page
  • make sure council gets feedback about what users think about Mageia and what their user experiences are, when needed
  • recruiting and giving moderation rights to new moderators
  • detecting conflicts on the forums and report them to the council, if necessary
  • attending council meetings
  • reporting technical issues to the sysadmin team

User groups

The following user groups exist in the forums :

  • Administrators : Sysadmin team members. Responsible for fixing technical issues or changing forum settings when necessary.
  • Global moderators : Responsible for the forum moderation.
  • Registered users : Normal forum users.