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Move all AppStream content in the legacy /usr/share/appdata directory to /usr/share/metainfo.


  • Name: Neal Gompa
  • Email:


This will require efforts by packagers to update all packages with AppStream data to install to /usr/share/metainfo.

Current status

  • Targeted release: Mageia 7
  • Last updated: 2017/09/16
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

The AppStream developers have marked the /usr/share/appdata directory as a legacy deprecated path. At some point, it will be unsupported in some future release of the appstream and appstream-glib software. The new path for all installed AppStream XML content from packages is /usr/share/metainfo.

Why it would be good for Mageia to do it

Various upstream software packages have started moving to the new path already (KDE, GNOME, etc.) and we should force everything over to the new path and ensure that at least with Mageia software, /usr/share/appdata is empty. RPM has already been fixed to recognize the new path in 4.14 (which is already going to be part of Mageia 7), so dependency generators will be fine with the new folder.

Test case

To be determined...


  • Adjust every package that has appdata() or metainfo() Provides to ensure all AppStream content is installed in /usr/share/metainfo.

Software / Packages Dependencies

  • RPM 4.14 (already in Cauldron)
  • filesystem (needs to own /usr/share/metainfo)

What could disrupt development of this new feature

If we can't get everything moved, this feature will not be able to be completed.


The earlier this is done, the better, as there are a lot of packages that provide AppStream data.


If this fails to be ready for Mageia 7, then we continue with what we have and try again for Mageia 8.

Release Notes

Not applicable.


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