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Installer should ask the user the name of the installed machine. This name will be preserved and know on local networks.


  • Name: magnux77
  • Email:


packagers, QA, doc, ...

Current status

  • Targeted release: <software_release> (if needed), <Mageia release>
  • Last updated: 2018/12/13
  • Percentage of completion: 0%

Detailed Description

Installer should ask the user for the name of the machine installed rather than "localhost" at every installation. This name should be stored in /etc/hostname This name should be preserved by updates (nowadays, it is sometimes erased) This name should be know by the local network

Question : does it make sense to do as well with "localdomain". I have no answer.

Why it would be good for Mageia to include it

Because others distribs do it. Even Raspbian. Because Mageia machines on local network/ Attached Devices are shown only with their IP address. Because it is clearer and simplier for users on a local network with multiple Mageia machines.

Test case

After installation, verify the name appears on the local netwok manager / Attached Devices. After installation, verify the name is stored in /etc/hostname and (maybe elsewhere it shoud be) Verify the name is preserved after kernel updates.

Software / Packages Dependencies

List of packages to be implied

What could disrupt development of this new feature



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