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According to, "WinImage is a fully-fledged disk-imaging suite".
In our case, we can use it to write a Mageia iso on a USB stick.
Its main advantage, for our purposes, is that it can work in environments with restrictions, like Microsoft Windows 7 Starter.


WinImage is an ASP shareware program.
WinImage is shareware. You may evaluate it for a trial period of 30 days.
After 30 days, if you wish to continue using WinImage, you need to register.


With WinImage, we will be "restoring" our ISO copy, on the USB flash drive.

+ We start WinImage as administrators.

Winimage 001.png

+ A pop-up...

Winimage 002.png

+ From the menu, we choose:
Disk -> Use removable disk X:
where X is our USB stick.

Winimage 003.png

+ And we go on to "restore" our copy:
Disk -> Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on physical drive...

Winimage 004.png

+ We click on the correct drive (in the example: 4GB Generic-Multi-Card), and then OK.

Winimage 005.png

+ We choose the ISO file we wish to use.
(note: to be able to see the .iso files in the file manager, we must have it set to show "All Files(*.*)"

Winimage 006.png

+ Last warning: All the data in the physical drive will be deleted. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THE RIGHT DRIVE

Winimage 007.png

+ And the process will start (and finish in a while).

Winimage 008.png


+ Microsoft tools might show our USB drive as being empty, although the data has been written correctly.

Winimage 012.png

+ Another tool, from EASEUS, gives us a better view.

Winimage 013.png

+ While Mageia (and Mandriva) will show exactly what has happened.

Winimage 014.png



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