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For an overview see the Bug Squad portal

We are

A group of volunteer members of the Mageia community who help with bug-related tasks, including:

  • triage
  • maintenance
  • monitoring


Filter all bug reports in order to ensure that only valid, complete reports are sent to the development team for action, and help reporters to file complete reports. More about the triage task can be found in the Bug triage page.


Bug Squad members also see to it that bug reports aren't forgotten and help to clean up old issues in the Bugzilla database.

Read more about this task in Maintenance of bug reports


How many bug reports were opened in a certain period, how many got fixed and how long did that take, how many were closed because they were invalid? Are bug reports left unattended for a long time? Answering these kinds of questions and taking proper action when needed, is another task of the Bug Squad.

Read more in Monitoring bug reports

Contact the team

  • Team leader: Lewis Smith (lewyssmith)

Join the team

Team members

name nick e-mail address preferences additional information entry last updated on:
Frank Griffin ftg 20191013
Lewis Smith lewyssmith lewyssmith [at] onetel [dot] com 20191013
Manuel Hiebel leuhmanu manuel [at] hiebel [dot] eu 20191013
Marja van Waes marja marja11 [at] xs4all [dot] nl 20191013
Rémi Verschelde akien rverschelde AT gmail DOT com occasional triaging, mostly from dev perspective limited time for BugSquad, invested in many teams 20150408
Samuel Verschelde stormi stormi AT laposte DOT net occasional triaging helps defining processes 20191013
Thierry Vignaud tv thierry.vignaud At gmail DoT com occasional triaging - bugs concerning urpmi, drakxtools & installer short on time 20111025
name nick e-mail address preferences additional information entry last updated on: