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This is a planning for Mageia blog articles


May 2014

September 2013

  • Artwork for Mageia 4
  • they make mageia - leuhmanu
  • Mageia at FrOSCon 9
  • Bruno Cornec interview about contributions and LinuxCon
  • Treasurer review
  • Colin Guthrie and the perils of svn->git
  • Mageia planet, who's on it and how to get added
  • they make Mageia - mikala

July 2013

  • 2013/08/08: Mageia 4 Alpha1
  • 2013/07/26: treasurer review postponed
  • 2013/07/22: Mageia 4 planning and features

July 2012

  • 2012/07/09: Eugeni
  • 2012/07/17: Feedback about Linuxtag, Solutions Linux and RMLL
  • 2012/07/20: Mageia 3 features and process
  • 2012/07/26: they make Mageia - Claire Robinson


  • who, title, summary, when
  • A small post about the audiocast on Unseen Studio with Colin and Sebsebseb (new, working link) Written summary of the audiocast
  • callout via forum/blog post/mail on -dev and discuss mailing lists for the search of additional forums people ( helpers, supporters, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - php hackers )
  • don't we have an old "They make Mageia" article about mikala somewhere as draft?
  • about the packager team leaders
  • about tv
  • about dmorgan
  • about funda
  • (etc, there are more who did a lot)

Alternative proposals

  • Send a list of questions to the most active members of each team and make blogposts about the ones who send them back first with a nice picture attached
  • Ask for articles about interesting developments within Mageia on all mailing lists