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IRC Nick Forum Nick email Tasks/Contributions
admel admel admel[DOT]mga[AT]gmail[DOT]com Deputy leader 2016 - essentially improvements on the wiki
AlexN83 backgrounds, general artwork
damsweb (coincoin)
dmorgan Contact for technical stuff with DM's (mga1)
dtsiamasiotis icons
ennael KDE menu icon, useful contact for installer related things
filip_ filip i18n on the website + i10n team contact, some new pages and other small updates and fixes
Guala graphics designer
Max__ Max general artwork
mikala KDE reference, not strictly part of atelier as such.
obgr_seneca wiki design
ofaurax logo
rda founder and previous team leader, web based projects
Schultz schultz Deputy leader 2013, Plymouth, ksplash, backgrounds
TeaAge previous team leader, bit of a plymouth guru :)
Trish42 trishf42 Team leader 2013, marketing, press releases, blog posts, event help
tumbeliina tumbeliina
VoodooDali VoodooDali interested in marketing, press releases, artwork and communications
zalappy zalappy cmp25 [AT] lokra [DOT] fr Skills: "graphic designer" > (2D and 3D) = image, animation, video
Zlatko designer, bugfixes