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Installer/boot artwork/graphics

This page will list all artwork (icons, backgrounds, screensaver, ...) of the distribution, the website and other stuff and will give a references with the current location. Please add all work that is not listed yet.


  • full name of files (which module, where?)
  • {version}?
  • link/include example graphics


Common installer

Item / description Size Format File names
vertical install banner 196x(600+X)  PNG left-background.png
ads 457x308  PNG  ??_IM_mageia.png

Ads are shown in order, each about every 20 seconds, if the install size exceeds 20MB (see [1].

The number of screens to show depends on the story to tell.

Q: L10N & I18N; working or not?

Live installer

Item / description Size Format File names
Desktop icon 16 .. 64 PNG IC-installLive-??.png
Advertising image 457x308 PNG MageiaLive-advert.png
Mageia Live install 500x270 PNG MageiaLive-install.png


Item / description Size Format File names
gfxboot (and also here), image without logo (gfxboot theme howto) see below for parameters 800x600  JPG welcome.jpg
gfxboot, image with logo  800x600  JPG back.jpg
plymouth background 800x600 PNG background.png
plymouth progress-bar 800xXXX PNG progress-bar?.png
plymouth config file (font size/color, ...) / / mga.script
pylmouth suspend screen 800x600 PNG suspend.png
plymouth lock icon  ??x?? PNG lock.png

Gfxboot images need strict options to display correctly, ImageMagick can be used to convert to the needed jpg using - convert -resize 800 -quality 90 -sampling-factor 2x2 -interlace none Mageia-Default-1600x1200.png back.jpg See in mageia-theme for further details

Desktop backgrounds

Item / description Size Symlinks Format File names
6 resolutions 800x480 1024x600 1280x800 1280x1024 1920x1080 1920x1200 1920x1440 (800x600) 1024x768 1440x900 1600x1200 PNG {product}-{version}-{resolution}-HHMM.png (for instance: Mageia-Default-1280x1024-1300.png or Mageia-Default-600x480.png

At present, 800x600 doesn't exist as it doesn't seem a popular resolution. Discussion needed.

Application splashes

Item / description Size Format File names



Dropped upstream, doesn't seem like we will ship.


Item / description Size Format File names
startup splash preview 400x250  PNG Preview.png
startup splash 1920x1440 other resolutions created at build time  PNG  background.png logo.png icon*.png icon*_anime.png ourimagine.png ourimage_anim.png
menu button  29x29 SVG  mgabutton.svg
top menu banner 240x20  SVG  top.svg


Item / description Size Format File names
top banner 800x100 PNG BDO-GALAXY-BAS.png

(hmmm dubious, but correct according to original document)

bottom banner  800x24 PNG BDO-GALAXY.png

For ksplash, all measurements to scale images must be under 600-image width, for a scale in x) and 400-image height for a scale in y as 600x400 is the smallest resolution we ship. Accordingly, all images apart from background.png must be 600x400 at the largest.


DrakTools icons