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What do we need to communicate:

  • mailing-list:
    • is mageia-dev enough, or is its goal to be shared amongst team?
    • mageia-pkg to be added otherwise
    • a (restricted) mailing-list for security issues?
  • wiki pages to hold documentation on our rules, best practices, etc
  • bugzilla or any other bug tracking system
    • maybe already tackled by triage team! :-)
    • should we import mdv bugs? or make new ones? or import only open ones?

What other resources do we need:

  • scm to hold the spec files
    • migrate away from svn? git?
    • separate tarballs from specs? votes: 1
    • should we wait for these two steps after 1st release?
  • build system
  • a good way to list/have maintainership


  1. have communication place and decision tool
  2. decide on leadership
  3. decide on what to do with scm
  4. decide on names, numbers, suffixes
  5. wait for build system
  6. have an import of mdv svn (and bugreport?)
  7. rebuild everything from main in 2010.1 branch into release
  8. have maintainers pick up their packages
  9. possibly rebuild everything in cauldron?
  10. decide on important changes
  11. document them
  12. opening cauldron