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This is a rough draft of things that we want to do for Mga3, not in any particular order. Mostly just so that it's written down somewhere.

Create an ANSII logo for login screen.

Bug 1919

  • vlc might be able to do this for us.... (schultz) - only in creating the acsii logo, not the ansi so its not that much help

New installer screens

Probably use the text from the Mga2 installer screens, but instead of screenshots to devise a series of images that will reflect the content of the text.
Possibly include in the first screen information related to getting help. Wiki, forums and such.

Mageia font

A font based on the letters used in the Mageia logo.
Apparently diogenese made a couple of fonts...

New background images

Opening submissions to the public was an excellent idea, and we should make that common practice.

  • This needs to be kept within Atelier this time, once we have chosen a selection then Council/others can get involved

Submission pool is :

Brand new icon set

  • Start with drakxtools.
iamoverrated already started making a handful of possible icons.
Perhaps go back to a square or squarish theme?

Cross-DE Mageia theme

  1. Create a brand new theme?
    • That requires a lot of effort upfront. Basically do everything twice.
    • It also requires a lot of long-term effort to maintain the theme upstream.
    • It will, however, have Mageia stamped all over it and we will have a unique, and hopefully good, look.
  2. Change the default colors of Oxygen
    • Oxygen is already cross-DE and maintained upstream, freeing us from the hard work.
    • Having colors from our palette will make it look customized to us, making it unique and unified.

Unified (cross-desktop) login screen

Part of having a more unified look is having the same login screen for all DEs. Probably involves twice as much work, writing code for two different systems.

Music? Sound scheme? New notification sounds

This came up. Might fall under our jurisdiction, not high priority.

  • Schultz knows a guy who has already made a good login theme, put the recording was not up to his standards. I'll check in with him about it later.

Timeline for project work needing done.

Just a rough idea atm - can be improved as needed, aimimg to have the main part of the work done by Beta 1