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When the translation-original-* tags have been set, Calenco will send notifications about translated files that don't fully match the English original anymore to the e-mail address we put in the file.

Until the notifications can go to one or more of our mailing lists, we can use dedicated e-mail addresses: i18n-*, where "*" is replaced with de, el, eo, es, et, fr, nl, pt_br, ru, sv or uk. If you're a Docteam translator, you can do the following to see mails sent to the mailbox for your language:

Please use IMAP, so the mails will stay on the server.

  • The IMAP mail server is
  • The login name for the server is

(replace "*" with the above mentioned code for your language)

  • Security settings:
   SSL/TLS (port 993)
   Encrypted password
  • Ask Marja for the password
  • There is no outgoing mail server, you have to use your own

If you prefer to use webmail, you can log in here: