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Migration of the old mailing lists hosted on to

Things to do

  • decide names for the new lists
  • create the new lists on
  • split the list of people subscribed on old mailing lists in two parts :
    • people with an identity account : subscribe them to the new mailing list
    • people subscribed with a find their real email address in identity and subscribe them to the list with this address
    • people without an identity account : send them an email about the new mailing list to tell them how to subscribe
  • send an email on the new lists to explain about the change
  • create lists for bugzilla emails, and update bugzilla accounts to send to the new lists
  • host mailing lists archives and and add redirect from so that the links to mail archives keep working
  • update www and wiki links

List names

  • =>
  • =>
  • =>
  • =>
  • =>
  • =>
  • =>
  • => and
  • mageia-bugsquad =>