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This is a list of people, who have registered for the documentation team in September 2010 after the Mageia announcement

  1. Adjamilton Júnior (rox) - ajunior at - write and translate docs for pt_br
  2. Ali Jawad (theforsaken) - amjjawad AT gmail DOT com - Write English Documents/Wiki + Write Guides/Manuals/Articles + English to Arabic Translations.
  3. Alvin Meimoun (alvinm93) - - write and maintain doc, English to French translation
  4. ANDRE Ani - (ANDRE Ani) - patr_and AT yahoo DOT fr - write, maintain doc, basic translation FR EN.
  5. André Blais (andre999) - andr999.mga ad laposte dot net - write/maintain documentation (lots of experience EN + FR); proofreading; EN-FR translation
  6. André-Marie Desmottes (Lebarhon) - - Write / maintain doc, translate English doc (wiki)
  7. Anne Nicolas (ennael) - ennael1 at - write / maintain doc
  8. Camille Bégnis (camil) - camille at - recycle older Free (GFDL) Mandriva doc and import it into Calenco ( and host the Mageia official doc project on our servers.
  9. Cédric (Smat) - sa.majeste4 at - write / maintain doc for noobs
  10. Christophe MONTEIL (leu) - garbage2008 AT gmail DOT com - write, maintain doc, build diagrams or various illustrations
  11. Damien Lallement (damsweb/coincoin) - mageia [at] damsweb [dot] net - write / maintain doc
  12. Dick Gevers - proofread / correct English wiki & similar and manpages of Mageia tools, write wiki on a few subjects
  13. Dlareg (dlareg) dlareg at tuxfamily dot org - write / maintain doc, EN-GB/FR translations, wiki
  14. Douglas Ward (binaryflow) - dward at gmail dot com - write/maintain documentation, good proofreading skills - native english (US) speaker
  15. Dominikus Akhadi (dominikus) - dhUNDERSCOREakhadiATyahooDOTcom - Indonesian translations, proof reading
  16. drakedalfa - drakedalfa - BLOGDRAKE - drakedalfa at - write, maintain doc, set/adapt templates, translations to spanish.
  17. Felix Martos (asinkeBOFH) - felix.martos AT gmail DOT com - BLOGDRAKE - Trainer, technical documentation writer (ES) EN <-> ES translations
  18. Florin Cătălin RUSSEN (Piratu) - cfrussen AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk - write, maintain doc, Romanian translations
  19. Francesc Martínez (XescoMM) - francescmm AT gmail DOT com - BLOGDRAKE - write, maintain doc and english, spanish and catalan translatations.
  20. Fritz Gibbs (scribe) - fgibbs at linux dot com - write, maintain docs and wiki, proofreading (BOTH tech content and punctuation/grammatical), native EN
  21. FuReX (FuReX) - durex12 AT gmail DOT com - write, maintain doc, basics translations to french, wiki
  22. Glen Millard (bartockbat)- szilverthorne AT gmail DOT com - English (US, UK) documentation, proofreading, writing.
  23. Hoyt Duff (wambu) hoytduff AT gmail DOT com - English (US, UK) documentation, proofreading, writing (contributor to LinuxFormat, Fedora Unleashed)
  24. Javier Reta (javierreta) -BLOGDRAKE - retanemiga at -write, maintain doc, fix articles, basics translations to spanish.
  25. Jean Michel Varvou (Vouf) - jeanmichel dot varvou at gmail dot com - write wiki, maintain doc, French translate
  26. Jean Peyratout (jean) - - translation EN→FR, ES→FR, FR rewriting / proofreading
  27. John Rye (JohnR) - john at neodoc dot biz - proofread / correct English docs, wiki, manpages, press releases etc
  28. Kristoffer Grundström (Umeaboy) - kristoffer.grundstrom1983 at gmail dot com - Translation EN→SE, updating Swedish wiki.
  29. Luis Llave (Luis0siul) - - write docs, review docs, specially in Spanish
  30. Manolo Barea (manolobarea) - - write & maintenance docs either english or spanish
  31. Marcello Anni (killer1987) - marcello.anni at alice dot it - write / maintain doc, wiki, press releases, Italian translations
  32. Maximilien Mairet (frenchymageia) - maximilien.mairet AT - French Translations
  33. Mehdi Hadjard (neggwada) - hmehdia at 9online dot fr - write / maintain doc, French translations, French proofreading - IT trainer
  34. Olivier (goom) - - write / maintain doc
  35. Patricia Fraser (trishf42) trish at thefrasers dot org - write / maintain doc, AU/EN-GB translations / proofreading
  36. Patrick Guillemet (gusyear) - pguilt at - maintain doc
  37. Philippe Leménager (CinePhil) - Philippe point Lemenager at free point fr - Write / Maintain doc in french and english
  38. Roberto Uris Guerra (uris77) - uris77 at gmail dot com - No experience developing distros. Have been using Linux since late 2000. Mandriva is currently my workstation. At work we have Mandriva running on over 30 servers. Experience in Java,Groovy,Grails,Perl,Ruby. Would like to very much to make myself useful since Mandriva is a big part at where I work.
  39. Rodrigo Torralbo (torralbo) - rstorralbo AT gmail DOT com - write, maintain doc, Portuguese Brazil translate
  40. Romain DEP. (rom1dep) - rom1dep | - write/maintain some doc, continue the occasional contrib role I had on mandriva's wiki (translating to fr the missing articles written in en, correcting typos, misspelling...) native language : fr, can a basic rw in english+german
  41. Rúben Martins (rudetux) - rudetux AT gmail DOT com - write, maintain documentation, manuals, wiki, translation and proofreading (tech content, punctuation and grammar). Language skills - PT (native), ES, EN-GB, FR, IT.
  42. Sandro Cazzaniga (Kharec) - cazzaniga dot sandro at gmail dot com - write wiki, fix articles of the wiki.
  43. Simon Parsons (simonnzg) - nzg at jrc dot co dot uk - technical editor and unix admin: proof reading (EN-GB) and manuals.
  44. Thomas Lottmann (Skiper) - skiperdrake AT gmail DOT com - write, maintain doc, set/adapt templates, native English and French & assist for Spanish
  45. Yann Kacenelen (godzyann) - godzyann at neuf dot fr - en_EN<->fr_FR translations + FR proofreading
  46. Otto Sá - I have translated to english another brazilian distro called epidemic gnu linux at . I might help you tranlating a PT-BR guide for mageia as soon as you have an official guide ready.
  47. Andi Hary Akbar (anditalisman) - andi[dot]talisman[at]gmail[dot]com - write/maintain doc, wiki, Indonesian translations