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Contact/join the team

Participating to the team

The whole infrastructure is managed by Puppet and git. The repository is public, and can be found at under the Infrastructure section.

If you wish to join the team, the recommended way is to study how the infrastructure is organized, and start sending patches as in any free software project.

To get a checkout of our puppet configuration, you use :

 git clone git://

To test it, you should use a virtual machine, running Mageia, and you will need a recent puppet backport ( > 2.6.0 ). Any virtualisation technology should work.

Infrastructure clone

To replicate our own infrastructure for test purpose, the main puppet server should be on a computer who can be contacted on puppetmaster.$yourdomain. It is much easier to call the computers like we do ( valstar being the main node ), see [1] ). Using our configuration will automatically checkout in /etc/puppet on the puppetmaster, so please be aware of this. For the more advanced tests, a ldap directory is needed, even if almost empty.

Mailing lists

User accounts requests

Requests about user accounts or additional permissions should be done using bugzilla on the Infrastructure -> Account request component.

Useful pages