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What Mageia wiki is for

  • Good quality collaborative documentation about the Mageia projects :
    • Exposing the Mageia project, it's spirit and goals, the included tools, teams and inner processes.
    • Offering some clear technical documentation about the installation/migration processes and setup helping for both small and wide computer infrastructures.
    • Documenting about tools and programs that are delivered or that can be installed on Mageia.
    • Explaining the community architecture to enable help for contributors and to join in and participate easily according to their competences and wants.
  • Useful information and tips within articles.
  • For both end-users and advanced users/administrators.
  • For desktop and server applications.
  • For the community.

What the wiki is not for

  • Duplicating information from existing resources such as :
      • Mageia official websites and blog,
      • A news/blog canal (Mageia planet),
      • Pages for individual groups information.
  • A place for hosting the pages of individual projects,
  • A F.A.Q, Question/Answer or any kind of support platform (see official website or dedicated website for such issues),
  • An official online or offline documentation.