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On 15 June 2021, we were forced to move our IRC channels on Freenode to Liberachat. You can visit them on the Libera Chat Network (ircs://

Connect to server ircs:// and type /join channelname, replacing channelname with the name of the channel (including the leading "#"). All channels use English unless otherwise specified. Using a secure connection with SSL by connecting to port 6697 is obligatory.

The intention was to have a backup on Liberachat for each of our channels on Freenode. You can find them below, but some might not yet be populated or registered. If you have a question about an empty channel, then please ask in #mageia

The channels will host regular meetings (see summaries and logs).

Some channels (will) have useful bots; learn about them.

Project-wide channels:

  • The #mageia-social channel we had on Freenode, for General chat and Mageia community building, has become #mageia-chat on Liberachat.

Team specific:

Channels in other languages

Only the channels, for which the Freenode twin was populated when this was written, are shown below:

Channels for specific location/area

On Freenode, we had channels for the United Kingdom and for South Africa, but there were no users there when this page was created.

Unofficial project channels

Those channels were empty on Freenode on the day this page was created, so not mentioning them.

How to add a channel - Naming rules

  • use the suffix you want in the #mageia-{suffix} format
  • reserved are -council, -board and other roles/teams related ones - ask in case of doubt;
  • you may actually use a totally different name for your channel, that won't prevent from being referenced;
  • consider if you are targeting: a common language, a common location or country or something else; or if it doesn't matter;
  • for the i18n channels, please use #mageia-i18n-{language_code}, e.g #mageia-i18n-fr for the French channel. #mageia-{language_code} is better for a general language specific discussion channel
  • ask in [#mageia-dev] to get your channel approved and listed with all Mageia-related channels and/or registered. Don't be shy and repeat your question at least daily until you get an answer.
  • first come, first served.