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Our channels are on the Freenode IRC network (irc://
Note: Unfortunately, we might need to move to another IRC network. Therefore we have started to use the Libera Chat Network as a backup, you can find more information in Mageia IRC Channels Liberachat

Connect to server and type /join channelname, replacing channelname with the name of the channel (including the leading "#"). All channels use English unless otherwise specified. You can use SSL by connecting to port 6697.

N.B. most dedicated IRC clients in Mageia (Konversation, Quassel (Qt/KDE apps); xchat, Pidgin (GTK+ apps)) will be set to connect to Freenode and join some of the main #mageia-* channels by default.

Warning : The Mibbit web client which is used by Firefox, when you click on an IRC link, does not have the Mageia IRC channels. Please use the Freenode web site : if you do not have a different IRC client on your computer.

You can see how to use IRC.

Project channels (in English)

Team specific:

These channels may host regular meetings (see summaries and logs ).


Unofficial project channels

  • ##mageia-bcm (A small project to replace the original firmware with a Mageia-based one in TV's that have a Broadcom board)
  • ##mageia-most (Also a small project to replace original firmware with a Mageia-based one in TV's that have a Saturn board)

Some channels have useful bots; learn about them.

Channels in other languages

Channels for specific location/area

How to add a channel - Naming rules

  • use the suffix you want in the #mageia-{suffix} format
  • reserved are -council, -board and other roles/teams related ones - ask in case of doubt;
  • you may actually use a totally different name for your channel, that won't prevent from being referenced;
  • consider if you are targeting: a common language, a common location or country or something else; or if it doesn't matter;
  • for the i18n channels please use #mageia-i18n-{language_code}, e.g #mageia-i18n-fr for the French channel. #mageia-{language_code} is better for a general language specific discussion channel
  • contact the IRC Mageia team ( to get it approved and listed with all Mageia-related channels and/or registered; (The email address does not seem to be working any more!)
  • first come, first served.
  • Use ## before the channel name to make it unofficial when you don't have permission to create an official channel. Like this: ##mageia-{channelname}