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This is the page for Mageia 5 development.

Development Schedule

Coming soon

Stage Estimated date Public Released on Offset
Alpha 1 2014/07/08 developers, packagers 2014/07/08 0
Unmaintained packages adoption campaign ongoing / TBD developers, packagers
Alpha 2 2014/08/04 Some people who have, so far, spent thousands of hours each on making and improving Mageia, need some time to regain strength! Hence the delay. Feel free to express your gratitude for all the good work they have done for free, by volunteering to help QA Team or any other team developers, packagers 2014/08/13 +9
Versions freeze 2014/09/09
New Strings freeze 2014/09/09
Distro rebuild 2014/09/15
Beta 1 2014/10/14 developers, packagers 2014/11/11 +28
Artwork freeze 2014/10/19 new date: 2014/12/06
Translations freeze 2014/10/27 new date: 2014/12/06
Beta 2 2014/12/16 new date: 2015/01/13 developers, packagers, reviewers 2015/01/15 +2
Beta 3 2015/02/03 (Added after beta 2 release) developers, packagers, reviewers 2015/02/13 +10
Releases freeze 2015/02/23
Release Candidate 2015/03/07When ready, new estimate around 2015/04/21 developers, packagers, reviewers 2015/04/26
Internal release 2015/01/23 (No longer planned) QA, packagers
Final Release When RC is stable enough developers, anyone 2015/06/19 0

Technical Specifications

See Mageia 5 specifications

Development releases