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Please do not add anything new now. These are the ones proposed before deadline so we will check it as a priority. You can go to the ideas page, for coming releases of Mageia. See tracker.


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
001. text installer - i had severe diskdrake failures during last test, but perhaps it should be tested more? alien What bugs? Provide QA process to check it BUG
002. network installs on diskless systems - real installs by usb or cdrom, diskdrake installer to be able to also use network mounts, to install to alien Needs more information INFO BUG
003. automated(unattended) installs alien auto_install is working well but it needs up to date documentation (Anne) - Auto_install documentation to be rewritten, updated and advertised BUG
004. rescue improvement - still like sshd to be present, and some more entries in the rescue menu (setting password, start sshd, enable networking, ...) alien ok - Alien to provide missing pieces on ssh BUG FIXED in mga2
005. remote urpmi handling - i'm unsure if urpmi-ka or urpmi-parallel is working well? alien ok - review existing code, provide proper documentation, advertise BUG
006. installer itself - a way to hide categories that cannot be installed with current sources. (priscus - maybe just grey them out, easier presentation) alien Review personnalised installation screen that is not clear enough for now. No proper categories - Make it dynamic depending on available media content BUG
007. installer needs to ask (detect?) need for enabling/using stuff from nonfree and maybe tainted repos, anything besides core will be disabled by default Can help to solve discussion about non-free actication media. Ask user about adding and activating it as our point is also to educate people about open source
008. make diskdrake work with 4K sector disk drives - more and more that kind of HDDs are finding their way into systems :) sander85 ((tmb) note, can probably fixed by using parted libs) - Thing about GPT problem also - We need a solution not using parted, see with pterjan about his last work on it - **discussion needed** (agree about GPT, which I use - imported gdisk - andre999)
009. make diskdrake work with specification for ssd - partitions must begin (and end) at track boundaries. magnus To be checked - provide a QA process BUG
010. propose tmpfs when appropriate - modern computers have a lot of RAM: it could be useful for /tmp and similar, either automatically on high-memory machines or as an option (also less disk use for laptops). priscus To be discused as it may cause some problem. How much space should be allocated ? Temporary data in /tmp while people are using it as permanent one
011. facilitate use of LVM on LUKS containers - it is currently quite difficult to configure a LVM over a LUKS-encrypted partition during installation (a common encryption modus operandi on debian machines, I believe): maybe the creation of encrypted partitions could be an explicit option of expert disk partitioning, and not just an option when creating a partition. priscus Look again on 2010.1 specifications as work was just started. We need to complete it and add more use cases
012. make Tainted repositories (Release and Updates) checked for install of very old computers not clear, needs more info
013. Extra buttons "Previous" and "Cancel" in the installer frontend - Very often, after you made a choice in any step, then click on "Next", if you change your mind you can't cancel this choice, the only way to continue is a barbarian reboot. Lebarhon this depends on the steps... There are some we cannot go backward as it would just break everything (anne) - Think about make installer easier? Do we have still some screen that could be hidden for users? We could add a Cancel reboot that will reboot system ? What about applying choice at the end of installer screens rather than on the fly BUG
014. give user choice about non-free media and tainted media - During install, or after first reboot, ask whether the user wants to use the non-free media (and install various commonly used non-free stuff such as flash-player, non-free drivers for his hardware, etc.), while explaining what the difference is between free and non-free. Same thing for tainted media and commonly used packages from those media : libdvdcss2, codecs... stormi Ask question about it. We need Marcom help to choose the best time and ask it properly and clearly
015. Add more choice on the custom desktop selection (ie openbox) and in the individual selection - user's needs just some rpm, and there are not present in the list but present in the media leuhmanu We already have rpm bt rpm installation mode - rethink ergonomy - Review mini install size
016. Instead of having rough detailed screen about packages choice, propose some kind of profile install (server, desktop, gamers, education...) anne
017. release an updated netinstall.img for cauldron for new major kernel releases - this need not be officially supported, but having a way to directly install the current cauldron may satisfy some of the rolling-release proponents and help support cutting-edge hardware. priscus provide updates on mirrors for stage1, manage versions and make it all automatic

Base system

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
018. kernel 3.2+ tmb 3.1 currently in repos, 3.2 will be around Christmas
019. glibc 2.14.x tmb will check with rtp for arm glibc 2.14.1 in repos since 21/10/2011
020. gcc-4.6.2+ tmb will check with rtp for arm - Add rpm auto rebuild, sending reports to maintainers (on rabbit ?) gcc-4.6.2 and binutils 2.22 in repos since 5/12/2011
021. rpm 4.9x dmorgan rpm- in repos since 12/2011
023. maybe btrfs as default? alien (tmb) note that fsck tool is still missing - No - Needs to improve integration in distro tools
024. symlink /etc/mtab to /proc/self/mounts - more reliable than mtab managed by mount, fix for #1157 cjw [[1]]
025. drak* - drakx* and installer redesign from usability pov (if needed) alien ergonomy revie, feasibility, planning
026. systemd saispo progressive integration - have it in parallele with current one while it's not all ready - **discussion needed** BUG
027. dracut saispo needs tests and **discussions**
028. abrt, Allow to report bugs on our bugzilla dmorgan Needs some use cases - **discussion**
029. module-init-tools resolution - the current patchset is not sustainable (as proved by the 10 versions lag), we need a less intrusive way to use it in ldetect-lst so we can get rid of the difficult library patch and rejoin the rest of the Linux world, especially with the rumoured breakage around the new version numbering scheme (this is really heavy stuff, I am well aware, but it seems to have become pressing). priscus this one can enter a more global cleaning on all very patched softwares We now ship latest module-init-tools. Next year it'll be obsoleted by new kmod tools
030. backport the video drivers - video drivers change rather rapidly at the moment, especially with both Intel and AMD releasing their integrated video hardware: the user experience would benefit significantly from having the latest drivers the officially distributed xorg-server can support. priscus looks complex - what process ? Needs some hardware QA - could be used for bug fixes but supporting new hardwares may have side effects - not that simple: often depends on newer kernel/libdrm/mesa too
031. Grub 2 migration needs **discussion** BUG

Installation media

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
031. 64-bit LiveCD's - possibilty of having 64-bit LiveCD's in addition to the 32-bit LiveCD's roadrunner depending on QA resources x86_64 Europe1 livecds available since alpha1

Package management infrastructure

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
032. urpmi: some improvements - better(modular?) --auto handling of questions, conditional suggests alien increase urpmi abilities - Needs some use cases
033. urpmi-proxy alien send your patch! BUG FIXED in mga2
034. switch to [XML-based rpm metadata] in the repositories, instead of synthesis etc. -- this makes it possible to use urpmi on other distros and to use other package managers on mageia cjw sounds interesting but needs to have 2 kinds of metadata in parallel while it's not all integrated - **discussions needed** BUG
035. better integration with packagekit, like for install codec (gstreamer) leuhmanu needs some checks on patches to be sent upstream (misc)
036. To allow packages downgrade in the update graphical frontend - We had an example recently, the package libcairo was wrong with the animated gif. It was not easy to replace it by the previous release which was fine. Lebarhon may help to make people more confident with backports
037. To allow adding inputs in the file skiplist in the update graphical frontend - In the example above, I would like to click on libcairo to skip it in the future updates. Lebarhon may be added as an advance option in tools (but use case is not that good)
038. create the app-data.xml metadata files in repos - this is required for the Appstream project and will be useful for Mageia App Db by giving many information about the available applications, based on their .desktop files. stormi Needs detailed specifications
039. icons packages - extract icons from packages and store them in app-icons tarballs in repos so that they can be used in a software center and in Mageia App Db stormi find some help for stormi
040. really use media tags in the package managers, CLI and GUI: testing, backport, update, etc. Currently, apart from a hack for media which name contain "backport", the nature of the media is not used in urpmi and rpmdrake whereas it could be used to improve usability a lot. Instead of talking about core-updates, core-updates_testing, etc., talk about the root media ("core", "non-free", "tainted") and let users choose whether they want to use updates, backports, updates_testing, backports_testing flavors of this root media. stormi
041. feature updates (aka backports) applet - an update applet similar to the current security and bugfix updates applet, but dedicated to backports. Users could choose if they want to be notified that a new backport is available for installed software or not. A potential drawback is it will propose all available backports, when maybe you want only upgrade some programs, but not your whole KDE or GNOME for example (if backported, which is not sure). A way to solve this would be to add extra settings to the applet so that it watches only a subset of the installed packages, to the user's choice. stormi ok - ex: activate all testing media
042. use the Muon Suite for package management if this is possible in KDE(raidensub)-this is a nice software that includes Muon Software Center, Muon Package Manager and Muon Update Manager - ok but it has to be switched to PackageKit, QApt is dead - QApt is not dead. Muon Suite with QApt are going to be the default package management in Kubuntu 11.10.(raidensub)

Graphical environments

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
043. KDE 4.7x mikala KDE-4.7.x is in the repos
044. KDE 4 : replace IaOra by a more modern theme like Oxygen - the new theme must allow a good visual integration for most of the applications (qt4, gtk2 and now gtk3 apps) in KDE4 lmenut needs to be **discussed** both with packagers and artwork for integration - oxygen brings many crashes in apps (see eg the drakconf one)
045. Gnome 3.2x dmorgan GNOME-3.2.x is in the repos
046. Gnome Shell Plugins integration we don't have yet saispo not by default - needs to have GNOME team which
047. network object integration with notifier - ie: new network printers, new network drives, new networked pulseaudio devices, new bluetooth devices or networks alien Needs use cases and tests to be checked
048. import Razor Qt - dmorgan ok
049. pre-configure some activities in KDE - activities are one of KDE4's strength, but remain woefully under-used: could we pre-configure some, either for direct use or as guidelines for user configuration? The pre-configured activities could come from advanced KDE users who have tuned their desktop extensively (still something based on plasmoids installed by default, I guess). priscus Needs use cases - KDE team comment ? In fact it seems that KDE is going on that way with KDE SC 4.7 with 4 activities created by default : Photo Activities, Desktop, Search & Launch, Desktop icons. It should be a good idea (mikala)

System configuration (draktools...)

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
050. language management - Ubuntu has a great language management tool : you can use it to check for missing i18n or l10n packages, or add a new language and it will download all that's needed. Using it or developing a similar tool would be great. stormi Ubuntu apps cannot be used - think about a technical solution
051. mgaonline-upgrade - add an option to first download all rpms, without installing them. leuhmanu this should be already available (Anne) - Needs some tests and documentation


Server applications

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
052. omd - monitoring alien no. We use rpm
053. mariadb
054. openERP looking for volunteers


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
055. LXC saispo packages are ok but it needs installation scripts to be done
056. Xen saispo still experimental - not a priority
057. Kvm saispo
058. Libvirt saispo
059. [[2]] saispo


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
060. Python 3 saispo done


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
061. 062. 063. SeLinux, Apparmor, Tomoyo saispo **Discussion** on it - choice to be done depending on resources - SeLinux seems to be a bad candidate as it's really very intrusive
064. Suricata saispo looking for a volunteer



Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
065. Target LSB 4.1 or 5.0? 4.1 is released now, 5.0 is probably > 1 yr off, but will most likely drop Qt3 stewb ok - automatize some checks on LSB


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
066. More games - any kind of games, just more of them alien in progress - needs some specifications and planning - [in progress]


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
067. Improving educational programs and task-edu - Add more educational programs, group them in more specialized meta-packages, provide an educational livecd anaselli in progress - needs some specifications and planning - [specifications in progress]


Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla
068. Improve visibility of scientific libraries and softwares in Mageia - Add some more packages, made a group of wiki/web pages, maybe build a meta-package grenoya in progress - needs some specifications and planning - [specifications in progress]

Artwork / Design

Number Description Proposed by Comment Bugzilla Closed
069. fix plymouth screen resolution anne Done (Going through qa for mga1) BUG
070. make new kdm / gdm screen anne working on it for mga 2 (schultz)
071. rand new set of icons for Mageia specific one anne
072. new theme the blue borders are awful raidensub related to number 44
073. name our releases - it's fluff, but fluff works (just look at Ubuntu): maybe using the Fedora trick of relationships between old and new names? Or seasonal names for a nine-months cycle? (that is present DISTRIB_CODENAME=valstar in /etc/lsb-release) priscus
074. Involve the community more in the artwork process schultz See thread in forums