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Esta secção da wiki é dedicada à equipa de tradução do Mageia e às suas subequipas por idioma. Esta destina-se a proporcionar todas a informação necessária para os tradutores candidatos e colaboradores registados: como aderir à equipa, lista das equipas de tradução e os seus membros, informação de contacto e "Como ..." para o ritmo de trabalho da tradução do Mageia.

Nota: Cada tradutor faz parte da equipa de Internacionalização do Mageia, mas também é um membro de uma ou mais subequipas por idioma, a que corresponde um ou mais idiomas, eles pretendem eles também desejam traduzir. Deverá tomar nota das seguintes abreviações desde que nós as utilizamos amplamente: “i18n” significa “internationalisation” e designa a equipa de Internacionalização do Mageia. “i18n-<language code>” designa a subequipa dedicada ao idioma especifico, e.g. i18n-nl para Holandês ou i18n-zh_tw para de Taiwan.

Como aderir à equipa de tradução do Mageia?

If you want to become a translator, here are the steps to follow so that we can work together effectively.

  1. Create a Mageia account on Mageia Identity Management (if you already haven't one).
  2. Add your name to this wiki page in the section of the team you want to join.
  3. Sign up for international mailing list international i18n mailing-list which is our primary means of communication.
  4. Register to the mailing list of your team language team's mailing list language team's mailing list if available (use your Mageia account).
  5. Write a mail to telling us who you are (including your Mageia account username).
  6. Wait until the coordinator of your team approve you.
  7. Start translating.

Equipas de Tradução

The current Mageia internationalisation team representatives are Oliver Burger (leader, obgr_seneca on IRC) and Rémi Verschelde (deputy, Akien on IRC). Each per-language subteam has its own representatives which should attend the i18n team meetings (if possible) and coordinate the workflow of their subteam. Their names are printed in bold in this wiki page.

Please add your name on the following page if you're willing to join a translation team. Add yourself in the team you want to join with your name, registered username and contact. You may also create a new team in case it does not exist yet.

For now, it is our only means to keep track of who are our contributors and how to contact them, so please keep it up-to-date.

Mageia translation teams and their members
(Outdated list: People having registered for translations)

Nota Importante:
It turned out that many people who wrote their names in this page are not subscribed to the mageia-i18n mailing list. This list is the main platform for translators where all related information will be announced. It may be useful to subscribe.
A general mail has been sent regarding the set up of the translator teams. Please read this page.

Comunicação Interna

Apart from this wiki, we have several means of communication among the Mageia internationalisation team.

A lista de endereços de discussão do i18n

There is a general mailing list for the i18n team: - this list is for general discussions only. It is mandatory that every translator follows this mailing list, for most of our directives are posted there.

We ask you to write in English only on this list; therefore internal communication within a per-language subteam should be realised through another means of communication (see the next section for subteams mailing lists). To subscribe to the i18n mailing list, follow this link and click on subscribe after login in.

Lista de endereços das Subequipas

Devido ao nosso amigável 'sysadmins', nós temos agora as listas de endereço para cada subequipa do idioma que a solicitaram para comunicação interna. Disponível (ou solicitada), até agora são as seguintes:

Communication on those lists is to be done in the language of the subteam. Use one of the links above to subscribe to the mailing list of your subteam. If your subteam has no mailing list, you can ask for it on the Mageia i18n mailing list. The i18n team leaders will ask the sysadmins to create the requested list.

Deveria ler esta página sobre as definições e utilização das listas de endereço.

Encontros das Equipas

Teams meetings of the Mageia internationalisation team are on every second Thursday evenings at 17:30 UTC (19:30 Paris time) on the #mageia-i18n channel of Freenode's IRC network. Please note: While everybody can attend those meetings, we'd like to keep the active attendants to the team representatives to be able to keep the meeting duration reasonably short. The i18n team leader or deputy will inform about meetings (if there is one and what's on the agenda) before the preceding Wednesday evening.

The meetings are logged thanks to MeetBot, and you can find the logs on this page. There may be meetings for your language subteam, but that is up to your team. Please contact your subteam leader for information about potential meetings and IRC channel.

O canal IRC #mageia-i18n

The Mageia internationalisation team has a dedicated channel on Freenode's IRC network, #mageia-i18n. It serves two purposes: it is the place where team meetings occur on Thursdays, and it can be used for casual or translation-related chat (in English) between the i18n team members. Just remember that not every i18n member will read what you post there, so if you have something important to discuss, please use also the i18n mailing list.


Tradução de String

At the moment we are in transition to git, so have a look at the Git usage for l10n and doc page.
You will find a list of translation resources there.

Committer guide (for svn): How to commit files on the SVN for the resources that are still there.

For the merging of po files, see here

Edição de Ficheiros po

First of all, never edit a pot file, they are automatically generated from the source code and used as a reference only. If you do find an error in a string, please report it on the i18n mailing list.

For editing po files, you can use any text editor but it is better to use a specialist tool like Lokalize (see our great howto about Translating with Lokalize), Virtaal, GTranslator, OmegaT or poedit, because then you can be sure you won't create syntax errors.

Thorough description of the translation file formats and the translation tools can be found in FOSS localisation manual.

Tradução do Site da Web

Navegação Global

You need to translate global navigation for the Web site. You can check out existing translations. You can use the same procedure as for web pages (see bellow). The only difference is that you need to commit it to and for now also to

Páginas da Web
Pages prepared for translation are available in web page translation report.

What you should do: grab the web_page.en.lang file, translate the strings, and either send it to the i18n mailing list or commit it directly into a created directory in You can see in report that you can add translation "by recycling old page" if it already exists. Please remember to replace existing web page file with relative symlink in after svn commit of web_page.your_language_code.lang file in that case. If you're unsure about that just ask on i18n mailing list. After your commit such pages have added sentence "old page still exists!" in report so you can't miss them even if you forget to do that.

Code from the repository will go online within 5 minutes past your commit.

If you're sure that string is the same as in English (for example a very common word like "Blog") and you like nice statistics (eg. no untranslated strings) you can add " {ok}" on the end of such string (for given example "Blog {ok}").

In the case report tells you that some lines are missing you should add them to your lang file. Report also tells you the missing lines if you follow the link allowing you to copy/paste it in your lang file. It's easier to change it in the long run and more transparent if you add missing lines to your lang file at the same place as in the English version. It's nice to fix the comments that precede (e.g. # /en/about/index.php +69) to reflect the English ones for easier navigation and reference to the source files. Do not forget to add your translated line after the each line you add.

Casos especiais das páginas da Web
  • For better proofreading of your translation use both links for /pt/downloads/ page listed on report. That page is actually dynamic and gives different content on regular download and on "file not found" one.
  • Constitution is handled in a different way. There are two things to translate. The first one is short constitution.*.lang file that translates the decoration of the Web page while the actual content of the constitution is in the .md file. The only valid version is the French, original one. All translations are there only for informational purpose. To keep order in this, we need to store it in a single, different place ( ) in a specific format (Markdown). If you would like to translate it, please submit a new Markdown-formatted doc, translated from the French original ( ). It will be pushed to www from this place.
  • License page is also handled differently as it reads translated text for license itself directly from git if it exists. Please translate also warning about unofficial translation there. Note that special sign (\n) for new line in svn is converted directly to html equivalent on web page so you have some control of lines length. Besides that *.po file there are just a few strings to translate in license.*.lang file.

Estado informativo das páginas que ainda não estão convertidas para o sistema de tradução -lang-

Page Priority Comment
en/charter.html on hold a bit outdated, it will get a significant update about our style guide sooner or latter.
en/1/, en/1/for-you/, en/1/migrate/, en/1/next/, en/1/notes/,
en/downloads/1/, en/downloads/dl_twitter.php
none, EOL Mageia 1 has reached end of life (EOL) in 2012!
en/about/2010-sept-announcement.html none It won't change, ever. So it should not be converted, it's an historical document per se - rda
en/about/founders.html on hold may change completely
en/about/reports/2010/, en/about/reports/2011/, en/about/reports/2012/ on hold significant change expected
en/legal/ on hold not done yet
en/support/report-a-bug/ on hold not linked yet, will likely change

Tradução do Blogue

Isto depende de cada subequipa por idioma.

Se não existir nenhuma instância do Blogue do Mageia no seu idioma, e se gostasse de manter um, por favor, pergunte aos representantes da equipa de Internacionalização do Mageia e eles irão reencaminhá-lo para a equipa do blogue.

Tradução Wiki