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Other languages

Deutsch ; English ; Français ; Français Wiki ; Portuguese (Portugal)

How to contact/join the team

To contact the Documentation team, you may use the following methods:

  • Mailing-list:
    • Please make sure you're a member of that mailing list if you're a member of documentation team
  • IRC channel: #mageia-doc on Freenode.
    • Team meetings: 21.00h CET/CEST on the first Monday of each month at #mageia-doc
    • See the Mageia calendar for next Docteam meeting.
    • Feel free to submit agenda items here for consideration.
    • See also meeting logs.
  • Team contact:
    • Lebarhon - lebarhon AT free DOT fr
  • Team Leaders:
    • Yves Brungard (papoteur) - yves DOT brungard UNDERSCORE mageia AT gadz DOT org
    • A.M. Desmottes (lebarhon) - lebarhon AT free DOT fr

To join the Documentation team, you only have to put your name on the list below, sign up to the mailing list and say 'Hi!'.
We would also be happy if you could attend the team meetings (see third item in the list above).

Everyone can read the Wiki, but if you want to edit a wiki page, and to prevent spamming, please subscribe to the [doc-discuss] mailing list (category documentation) and just give your user-name to get the editing rights (this procedure is temporary).

Documentation process

Documentation team responsibilities

The documentation team has two main purposes:

  • The team is in charge of the end-user documentation in the wiki (the web team being in charge of the structure). We should also oversight the content from other teams (since most teams will have a dedicated area in the wiki) to make sure the wiki stays coherent and clean.
  • We should also produce an official end-user documentation to be included in Mageia releases.

Current work

The documentation team is still looking for more members. If you think you can contribute in any way, please join us on the mailing list and say hello!

The most important topics of our work are (click on the title to have more details):

  • the installer help: when installing Mageia, an inline help can be accessed. It's our work to build it and to maintain it. The work was done for Mageia 2, and we have yet to adapt them for new versions, in particular with new screen shots. We hope also that more translations will be available. The help is also available online.
  • the Mageia Control Center help: Mageia use specific tools to configure it. We documented most of them, but not all. The documentation will be also available inline with Mageia and further and is already accessible online. We need to complete with the missing help, and to translate in more languages.

For these two topics, we use a tool called Calenco, in which the documents are written in Docbook format. Each page is a file which can be edited with a text editor or an XML editor like XXE. There is no need to have a deep experience with docbook, but some precautions must be taken to keep a regular format.

  • the wiki: the Doc Team is currently working on making sure the Wiki is well structured without redundant pages. The syntax for the wiki is simple. You can contribute by writing pages, checking and updating already written pages or by proposing subjects to develop. Pages can be started by anyone who is registered. This page details the method to work on wiki and some topics that we hope to be written.


Please add yourself to this list if you are willing to contribute to the documentation team. If it is possible, please write your Nick (Mageia username [the one your registered on ]), name, e-mail address and what you want to do in the team. Please do this in alphabetical order by the nick. Thx!

Mageia Username Other Name Email Address About Mother tongue
Akien Rémi Verschelde remi AT verschelde DOT fr Link with i18n teams, wiki contact, doc writing and proofreading. French
admel Antoine Dumondel antoine.dumondel AT gmail DOT com Link with i18n teams, wiki contact, doc translating and proofreading. French
alfalb Manuela Silva manuela DOT silva AT sky DOT com Translator and proofreading Portuguese (Portugal)
allannit Alexander Lima allannit AT gmail DOT com doc wiki writing/maintaining Portuguese Brazil translations. Brazil
andi89gi Karsten Andreas Artz Kartz AT gmx DOT net QA-Team, doc-discuss, translation blogs,wikis into german (i18n-de-Team) German,English,French
andre999 André Blais andre999mga ad laposte dot net Packaging team contact French
annew Anne Wilson annew AT kde DOT org general help with English pages and use of Translate wiki extension English
apb Antony Baker jasperodus AT zoho DOT com Check wiki/documentation generally, hopefully making some improvements. Would like to be able to add/expand content later on, if possible. English
Ard1t Ardit Dani ardit [dot] dani AT gmail [dot] com Albanian Translation
crantila Christopher Antila crantila AT fedoraproject DOT org Hmm...
Carluchox Carlos Reges kerg23 AT gmail DOT com Spanish proofreading, writing and correct Spanish
codegazer Paul Blackburn paul.blackburn at gmail dot com wiki contributor, QA tester, experienced in systems admin, security penetration testing and malware analysis English
Disa Erik Henriquez erikh1941 AT gmail DOT com English and Spanish proofreading/writing/translating
doktor5000 Florian Hubold doktor5000 AT arcor DOT de MAQeia (Most Asked Questions), Packaging Team contact, german proofreading German
Dune Eric Barbero dune06 AT free DOT fr documentation writing and translation (en > fr) French
dvgevers; dvg Dick Gevers dvgevers AT xs4all DOT nl proofread/correct English wiki, manpage, help etc., could assist in translating some stuff: fluent command of Dutch, reasonable in Fr & De, slight: Es English
esperanto Pablo Foche pablo DOT foche AT gmail DOT com Esperanto translator
franktremblay François Tremblay fmtremblay89 AT gmail DOT com English <-> French translation and proofreading French
Hman Armando Basile armando AT integrazioneweb DOT com packaging, maintaining, wiki Italian
Holger Holger Ullrich hulli75 AT gmx DOT de german translation and proofreading
iceflower Nicolas Peifer nicolaspeifer at mailbox dot org improving the wiki and its contents German
JohnR John Rye john At neodoc DOT biz English proofreading and writing English
Kernewes Carolyn Rowse (isolde) cmrisolde AT gmx DOT com English proofreading and writing, could possibly help with German and Swedish proofreading English
Kristien Christian Bonnissol christian DOT bonnissol AT icloud DOT com French native. Documentation writing and translating. French
Lebarhon AM Desmottes lebarhon AT free DOT fr team leader doc writing/translation(en-fr)/proofreading French
Led43 John Bowden led43john AT googlemail DOTcom Uk resident long term mandrake, mageia tinkerer, help here and on QA
lucas Lucas Borges lucaspatis AT gmail DOT com Pt-BR translator
marja Marja van Waes marja11 AT xs4all DOT nl BugSquad contact Dutch
markhobley Mark Hobley markhobley @ wiki,man pages English
MrsB Claire Robinson (claire) eeeemail AT gmail DOT com QA Team Documentation English
msiyer Mohan Sreekant Iyer msiyer AT hotmail DOT com contributor
neggwada Mehdi Hadjard hmehdia at 9online dot fr doc writing/translation/proofreading (en-fr) French
obgr_seneca Oliver Burger oliver.bgr AT gmail DOT com i18n contact German
ocelot-sloth Mark Stenglein ocelotsloth AT gmail DOT com document writing, proofreading (en-us)
osifa Firat Kutlu firatkutlu AT gmail DOT com Turkish Mageia wiki, translator Turkish
phasma Martin Tee martin DOT tee77 AT gmail DOT com Fluent in English, French and Danish. Proofreading and documentation writing also available
papoteur Yves team leader, French native. Documentation writing and translating. French
reidcardwell Reid Cardwell reidcardwell AT gmail DOT com English writing, editing, proofreading
rjl931189261 Bobby Rong 931189261 AT qq DOT com Chinese proofreading/translating Chinese
s3b974 ; stroibe974 Sebastien Morin sebsweb AT gmail DOT com Wiki and Transifex translations French
simonnzg Simon Parsons simonnzg AT gmail DOT com EN-GB Technical Editor, mediawiki and XML English
snevog George V jorgosv AT gmail DOT com
stblack Stefano Negro stblack AT gmail DOT com Italian translator, help here and on QA Italian
storedbox David Huffman storedbox+mageia AT outlook DOT com Documentation enthusiast English
swecarp Mårten Ström Swedish translator Swedish
Symbioxy Stéphane Couturier mageia AT symbioxy DOT Com translation of wiki pages French
trinux Tristan Campbell tristan.b.campbell AT gmail DOT com English proofreading, editing, writing English
Umeaboy Kristoffer Grundström kristoffer DOT grundstrom1983 AT gmail DOT com Swedish translator of official Mageia docs swedish
Uzerus Szymon Scholz szymonscholz at gmail dot com Polish translator, editing and writing (any bug can be mailed for me) Polish
wolde Walter Marek wm6369 AT gmx DOT net German translator German
Workaholic Norbert Marchl norbert DOT marchl AT aon DOT at utility man for translations to german (and if possible to cover up doctor5000 with work :) ) German
Xboxboy Xboxboy xboxboy.mageia AT English proofreading, editing, writing English

Initial list of registered people (probably outdated since most entries date from the original fork announcement)