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Documentation Portal
for Mageia users

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Mageia.png Discovery of Linux and Mageia

The Community

Help us to improve our documentation, even for a few hours. Questions welcome on the #mageia-doc IRC channel, doc-discuss mailing list or forum .
Meet us in real life for help or information: Events of the year

Applications section.png Installation

Drakconf.png MCC tools (also called Draktools)

Configuration section.png Configuring and using Mageia

Links in green are intended for newcomers


Network-workgroup.png Network - Internet

Packaging section.png Package Management

Security section.png Security

App-other.png Others


32px‎ Graphic and display

Sound editors section.png Sound

Network-workgroup.png Network

32px‎‎ Scanners and Printers

32px‎‎ Others

For an alphabetical list of the Documentation pages look here.