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Contributions can be made in a variety of areas and on a variety of teams according to your interests and skills.
Please see below if you want to learn more about contributing to Mageia.
General information about contributing can be found here.

Atelier Team

Atelier, or Workshop, is where we make the face of Mageia. Artwork, Marketing and communications, the look and feel of the Website, Forums and Wiki - come and help us communicate Mageia.

Bug Squad

The Bug Squad is about triage, maintenance and monitoring bugs. Join us if you want to learn a lot about Mageia or if you're an expert who likes a variety of challenges. Our Bug Squad Portal has lots of useful links.

Documentation Team

The Documentation team writes and edits Mageia's official documentation, and we keep this wiki under control! Our Portal has lots of useful links. Please look at our Docteam Todo list, too

Forums Team

Many users will go to the forums for help, to meet other users or to learn more about Mageia. Forums team's work includes making users feel welcome and making it easy for them to find help, when needed.

Internationalisation and Localisation Team (i18n and l10n)

The goal of the translators is to make Mageia available in as many languages as possible. The spectrum of the i18n/l10n team's work includes Mageia's software as well as the blog, the website and the wiki.

Local Communities Team

Help communication between the different communities and act as a link between the local communities and the main Mageia project. Local Communities Team

Packages Security Team

The Packages Security Team monitors the software we package for security issues, and working closely with the Packaging and QA teams, sees to it that those issues get fixed.

Packaging Team

The Packaging team is in charge of keeping coherency in software packaging for Mageia and to provide support for official releases.

QA Team

With thorough quality assurance it is the aspiration of Mageia to be completely bug free. The QA team is responsible for testing new software, updates and releases, and finding bugs before they reach our users. Our QA Team portal has lots of useful links.

Sysadmin Team

Setting up, maintaining the Mageia infrastructure and caring for security. Keeping the heart and the skeleton of Mageia running, the Sysadmin team is responsible for many things and always overworked.

Software Development

This is the portal for specific development of Mageia: