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For-profit organizations are part of the Mageia ecosystem. The following companies provide commercial services with or around Mageia software, tools or project.

Note that Mageia.Org does not represent, validate, or endorse these organizations - this space is provided mainly as a reference - and may be redesigned or reindexed later at the Board's discretion.

Consulting, training, development services


  • hupstream - - We help businesses and people make the most out of Open Source: kernel expertise, packaging, build system, all base system components. We help our client to industrialise their use of Open Source. We are also part of some Open Source projects like Mageia, kernel, debian, ... We provide support on many distributions including Mageia.
  • Open Source Software Assurance - - From Open Source Leader company ! Our mission : bug hunting, support, assistance and Open Source lifecycle management from Open Source experts !
  • SIVEO - - SIVEO is an infrastructure automation software company; it is a young company creates innovative in November 2008. First French company labelled in the INTEL CLOUD Builder initiative for its eVA solution, SIVEO works with publishers, SSII, public and private accounts. SIVEO joins Mageia Follow us on twitter.


  • Remy Services, LLC - - We offer remote and onsite computer maintenance and repair to help you with all your computer needs. Everything from virus or malware removal, data recovery, network installations, hardware installation, laptop repairs and general cleanup. Our recent work: Mageia Package QA Testing.


Hardware vendors

United Kingdom

  • Ministry of Freedom - (website in English) - Essex - Selling laptop, desktop and server computers with Mageia preinstalled, along with a free/opensource BIOS called Libreboot


  • - (website in French) - Brussels - Selling laptop and desktop computers with Mageia preinstalled


  • ixsoft - (website in german) - Schorfheide / Altenhof - Selling laptop and desktop computers with (selectable) Mageia preinstalled

Software vendors

Other than what is already provided in the distribution.




  • Be aware that this list may be out of date, in which case the representative of the mentioned company should advise or update the page with a clear and self-explanatory comment. Contact our Board or Council if you do not represent the involved company (see below).
  • If your company provides services or products with or around Mageia software, for individuals or professionals, feel free to add yourself in this list, in the right country, in alphabetical order.
  • If you think a company should not be listed here or think its description is no longer correct, but you are not its representative, do not remove or change its entry, but please contact our Board and Council, see Contacts, and explain your reasons.