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Please note!
Please check the Documentation page first, it might be what you really need!


This area of the wiki is dedicated to all end user documentation. As you can see, there is very little documentation at present. If you want to help us to change this, do not hesitate to join doc team.

There is so much to do; so little time:)

If you are looking for help: the Category:Help pages in this wiki are for help about the wiki itself: how to write or edit a page, how to add a picture etc.
If you want help about using Mageia, look at Pages in category "Documentation" and the Category:Howtos pages instead.

Newcomers start here

If you're new to Mageia, and especially if you're new to Linux, follow this link: Newcomers start here

User Manuals

A detailed user manual covering traditional (= not from a Live medium) installation of Mageia is available in several languages from Mageia Documentation
MCC help is available in Mageia 3 and higher, but you can also read it online after clicking the above link.

You can find more topics in the alphabetical section below.