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Mageia Official Logos

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Current Logos

Three official Mageia logos exist as of version 3 -- One with a light background, one dark, and an "alpha" (transparent background) version.

Official Mageia logo, PNG format, 984 x 440 px, 15.9 kB Official Mageia logo, dark background, PNG format, 984 x 440 px, 17.5 kB Official Mageia logo, alpha background, PNG format, 984 x 440 px, 12.6 kB

When working with the logo, it is preferable to start from the original SVG format files that may be found here:

  • Light background: [1]
  • Dark background: [2]
  • Alpha version: [3]

Older Logos

Older versions of the Mageia logo are obsolete and should not be used.

Official Wallpapers

Current and older wallpapers from the default Mageia theme, including hints and rules on how to create wallpaper candidates.
Please continue reading on our Wallpaper page.

Official Colour Palette

Three essential colours comprise the Mageia official logo's colour scheme:

  • Dark Blue (Hex: #262F45; RGB: 38,47,69,255)
  • Light Blue (Hex: #2397D4; RGB: 35,151,212,255)
  • White (Hex: #FFFFFF; RGB: 255,255,255,255)

Older versions of the logo used gradient values; these gradients should no longer be used.

This colour scheme is also used in the official Mageia 3 wallpaper, elements of the Mageia website, and other works.

Official Mageia Font

The font for the name "Mageia" as depicted in the current logo is Potion, by Nicolas Duval, and can be found here.

The font for the numbers most resembling the letter of "Mageia" is the font "carlito", and can be found here.

The font associated with older versions of the logo should no longer be used for Mageia artworks.

Old illustration from the Mageia Museum

Official Mageia Icon Sets

Please continue reading on our Icon sets page

Official Mageia Sound Scheme

Please continue reading on our Sound scheme page

Creating and Using Mageia Artworks

All Mageia artwork is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. For more information see the license deed at: CC By-SA

The Mageia logo, in particular, is a trademark of, and as such it is also governed by Mageia's Trademark Policy.

As Mageia is an opensource project, supporting the use of opensource software is therefore one of our aims. We would therefore prefer if all artwork that we use is created using opensource tools, with source files supplied in either xcf or svg formats. Please get in touch if this is not a possibility.

Technical Considerations

When creating wallpapers for use by Mageia:

  • Please submit your own, original work:
    • in PNG format (no JPGs or GIFs),
    • in no less than 3,200 x 2,400 px size (in order to accommodate a wide variety of screens),
  • Please design your work so that it can be cropped to different ratios (e.g. 16:9) without compromising the design.
  • Please keep your original source file (e.g. XCF or SVG format) so that it can be edited later. This would allow your design to be adapted for CD/DVD covers, website elements, installer graphics, and more.

When using the Mageia logo to create wallpapers, icon sets, or other original artworks:

  • Please adhere to the original colour scheme. Exceptions: if the logo appears difficult to read in your art project, consider using a monochrome black or white version.
  • Please do not separate the word "Mageia" from the bubbling Cauldron symbol. Exceptions: the Cauldron alone might be used in a piece of artwork, such as a wallpaper or icon.
  • Please adhere to the given element's original proportions -- that is, do not "stretch" the logo.

Legal Considerations

The short form of the rules for usage of Mageia artworks:

  • Redistributing Mageia artwork as part of sharing the Mageia system software is permitted and encouraged.
  • Distributing the work in some way that makes you a profit, is permitted if you:
    • Attribute the artwork accordingly,
    • Do not claim Mageia's endorsement of your work, and
    • Share your resulting work under the same license.

Again, special trademark rules apply specifically to the Mageia logo; these are spelled out in the Trademark Policy.

If in doubt about a potential use of Mageia artwork (for instance, to create Mageia T-shirts or stickers), please contact the Mageia Council and ask permission.

Mageia Artwork Credits

The official Mageia logo (as of version 3) and logo font are by Nicolas Duval, to whom the entire Mageia family offer our sincerest thanks.

The official Mageia 3 wallpaper, CD/DVD labels, and considerable other artworks in the Mageia motif, are based upon the digital painting Blue Miracle by 9dzign, which is used with the artist's permission and is also governed by the CC By-SA license.

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