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Needed resources

Register here proposing hardware resources. What do we need: full servers to be hosted in datacenter; memory, disks, ... for spare use

Use following template to register:

  • <name> (<nickname>) - <mail address> - <what you can propose>

Please insert your name per alphabetic order.

List of registered people


  • Anshul Jain (anshuljain)- anshulajain (at) gmail (dot)com- Commitment from an ISP in India for a mirror at 100Mbps bandwidth for Mageia.
  • Funda Wang (fwang) - fundawang [at] gmail [dot] com - Mirror located in Beijing (CERNET/CHINANET dual line)
  • Herman Oosthuysen (HermanTheHermit) - herman (at) aeronetworks (dot) ca - Middle East Mirror
  • Gorka Etxebarria (rustybofh) - gorka [AT] webst [DOT] eu - Mirror space located on Spain 50/100Mb
  • LabCC Sysadmin team for DCC-FCUP - We can provide space for a mirror in Portugal with 1Gbps uplink.
  • Nathan Edwards (panoptical) - nathan [at] linuxmirrors [dot] com - We can provide mirror space located in Denver, CO, USA, on a 100 Mbps uplink.
  • Olivier Thauvin - nanardon at nanardon dot zarb dot org - Mirrors management and coordination
  • Raphaël Gertz (rapsys) - Mirror in france (2x20GB), free rack space and connectivity
  • Tomáš Kindl (supp) - supp [at] mageia-devel [dot] com - Mirror in Czech republic (100Mbps in CZ, much less abroad), donation (EUR 200+ for hw/devs - just ask!)
  • Tomáš Zvala (fox) - fox [at] murder dot cz / XMPP: - Mirror at (2Gbps worldwide, plenty of space)
  • Vladimir Grujić (hyperbaba) - hyperbaba (at) neobee (dot) net - I can provide the space for a mirror in Serbia with 100Mbps uplink.
  • Wolfgang Bornath (wobo) - - Can provide mirror space on the server in Germany

Domain Names

  • Marc Paré (MarcPare) - marc at marcpare dot com - I currently have registered and am willing to hand it over to the project. I can provided limited server space for the site. (English, French and limited Spanish languages spoken)
  • Remco Rijnders (Remmy) - - I currently have registered and am willing to hand it over to the project. Furthermore, I can arrange hosting if needed for a single machine with 'entry level' specs.
  • Tomáš Kindl (supp) - I hold '' which I can cede to foundation when it's ready


  • Frank Loewe (floewe) - loewe [at] dotcom-service [dot] net - Well, we have 4-6 IBM Bladecenter HS20 ( Dual Xeon 3,2 1-4 GB RAM ) left over, and aprox. 500-600 GB FC Storage on our EMC CX3 Maschine for this Blades. Some backup SATA-Space ( aprox 1TB ) on the same EMC CX3 is unused also. For critical Apps we can spend 2-4 Virtual Partitions on our Citrix-Xen HA Cluster, 4 AMD Opteron 2216HE, 4 GB each, Storage has to be discussed. ( This is hosted on a 14 IBM Bladecenter LS21 Citrix-Xen Cluster, with shared FC Storage on EMC, build for testing HA Apps). If you plan to build for IBM ppc/ppc64 there are 2 IBM JS21 Blades ( 1 Dual/1 Quadcore ) 8GB RAM with FC HBAs unused lying somewhere in a shelf. Oh... our "Lab" is located in Wuppertal,Germany connected with 1Gbit/s to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt/Main.


  • Marc F. Gomez (mg78) - mg (at) mgconsultants (dot) eu - I can provide one/two dedicated servers for hosting partial services (Mail, DNS, Wiki...).
  • Nicolas Charbonnier (nocktames) - contact (at) nicolascharbonnier (dot) fr - help / advices about infrastructure, network and systems. (Looking for hosting )

Existing resources

web sites


user managed

official mageia


instant messenging



irc channels

to identify admins: /msg ChanServ access #mageia-chan list

see IRC for other rules to advertize an irc chan and let know that you want to manage a new one

Please, use UTF-8. Just let us know which new chan would be needed.

  • #mageia (English) - blino ennael rda boklm ahmad78 Olorin2
  • #mageia-dev (developers channel, English) -
  • #mageia-kde (KDE-specific channel) -
  • #mageia-br (Português do Brasil) - blino boklm baud filipesaraiva
  • #mageia-de (deutsch) - arno911 wobo
  • #mageia-fi (Finnish) -
  • #mageia-fr (français) - blino ennael rda boklm
  • #mageia-es (Español) - blino boklm baud
  • #mageia-i18n-fr (français) - neoclust
  • #mageia-it (Italiano) -
  • #mageia-no (Norsk) -
  • #mageia-pl (Polski) -
  • #mageia-ru (Русский) -
  • #mageia-se (Saami) - Umeaboy sebsebseb
  • #mageia-sv (Svenska) - Umeaboy sebsebseb
  • #mageia-uk (English) - sebsebseb
  • #mageia-za (English, Afrikaans) - Gripen


salon - admin - logs


identify registrar (whois) + admin + ns, nameservers are by nature delegated to local communities

  •, - misc
  • - maat, Jehane
  • - MarcPare
  • - Remmy
  • - supp
  • (to be completed, check ML)