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There was a discussion about this page on the mageia-dev mailing list

In our meeting at RMLL / LSM on 2013-07-13 it was decided that this is still too controversial, so we won't offer a wiki page to enable this.
If you look for paid help, contact one of the Commercial vendors instead.


Nobody has fixed the really annoying bug you reported, or you would like a feature to be added, but you don't have competence or time to implement it yourself? You can propose money to have your project realised and describe it here below, before the older projects.

Note that this will not guarantee the bug fixing or feature be accepted in Mageia, nor that it be maintained in the future releases (except if you include maintenance in your contract).

Be precise: the tasks to perform, the conditions (for instance, whether or not you will provide access to your computer, and how?), the delays, the price, the payment(s) schedule, the communication means (phone? e-mail? forum?), the communication language, the relevant law and tribunal in case of conflict etc. should be clear. You can ask for bids but, in this case, it is wise to write down the maximum amount you're ready to pay. Make a written contract with the executing party. If the other side is not well-known as being reliable, I recommend you use a reliable third-party like a job marketplace: they have ready contracts models, usually take the money from the employer at the beginning, deliver it to the executing party when the project is finished, and have an arbitration service in case of conflict. But marketplaces can be quite expensive, taking money from both parties (often more from the executive party, but which part they take the money from doesn't matter much, because the executing parties increase their requirements as much as the job marketplace party charge them), so look carefully at the conditions before choosing such a marketplace.

By no way Mageia can bear any responsibility in case of conflict or fraud.

When the project is finished or if given up, please write it at the beginning of the title, like this: "[completed]", "[abandoned]" etc..

Projects list

Write your new project just below this line.

Fixing a bug in Mageia's packaging of LibreOffice regarding Mongolian language support

This project regards bug 7797, is described in but may be realised outside's frame.