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Add a feature in mgaonline to install the missing software (also depending on the system needs) of the LiveCD edition and of the DVD edition.

The missing software is basically: - all the proprietary drivers that haven't been installed that haven't been installed in the DVD edition that are needed by the system - all the basic software that doesn't fit in the LiveCD edition, such as printing system and other (to be discussed in the mailing list)


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List here people who will be implied in this feature (packagers, QA, doc, ...)

Current status

  • Targeted release: <software_release> (if needed), <Mageia release>
  • Last updated: 2021/07/24
  • Percentage of completion: <XX>%

this feature can be considered implemented thanks to Mageiawelcome tool.

Detailed Description

Mageia should offer to install the major software (and proprietary drivers etc..) that can't be hosted in Live edition due to a space lack. This could be done through a new feature that would pops up after the first sources set up.

Steps to follow:

1- use of drakhardware to install all the drivers needed by the specific system
2- dropbox list of software like Calligra, cups, and others (to be chosen and approved by the developers). The user can choose if install them by checking the boxes

Why it would be good for Mageia to include it

Because all the needed software (codecs, drivers and must-have programs) would be immediately installed after the sources configuration, simplyfing the installation process.

Test case

Anything useful for QA and all testers to help debugging during all development cycle

Software / Packages Dependencies

List of packages to be implied

What could disrupt development of this new feature



Release Notes


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